Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Memos From The Asylum

For a political junkie and writer such as myself, the electoral victory of Barack Obama at first seemed like an opportunity destined to rival the accidental discovery of a massive and lucrative well of crude oil by the fictional character, Jed Clampett, of The Beverly Hillbillies. Convinced that I would have a wealth of material guaranteed to keep me up late, writing, I have found myself suffocating under the immense weight of jaw-dropping revelations both from the fledgling administration itself, but also from the plethora of leftist bodies and organizations who have become brazenly emboldened by its openly radical defection from the basic principles of American values.

President Obama has - on more than one occasion - erroneously characterized his November win as a mandate by the people, claiming that it was a blessing expressly endorsing his agenda. While there is probably a sizable portion of his voters who would agree, many of those are already shaking off the euphoria they felt on the departure of George W. Bush, which was clearly part of the motivation for voters on November 4th. Those are just the voters, though...same-party members of congress have continued to embrace the ruinous ideology of Obama and the democrat party in a misguided crusade for what they perceive as justice.

The president himself, faced with the opportunity so early in his tenure to replace a key member of the judicial branch, has already tipped his hand regarding his personal beliefs in matters of justice. While he was sworn in as president, which means that he avowed to preserve the U.S. Constitution, he immediately indicated either his ignorance or contempt for that cherished document by stating that he would consider his Supreme Court nominee based on their ability to forego a sterile view of the law in favor of an interpretation based on the needs of the individual and his personal circumstances. Obama wants more "empathy" and less juris prudence.

It is ironic that the party that virtually owns the teacher's unions and the public education system, and who have instituted their "zero-tolerance" policies regarding basic common sense where students' health is concerned, is so willing to make exceptions for a depraved constituency that is as dependable as they are at the polls. Honor-roll students may face expulsion for ingesting acetaminophen without permission, and an outraged parent has little recourse in such circumstances but to accept that their child will be home alone while the parent is at work.

Conversely, adults who are convicted in a court of law for sexually abusing children are falling under the protective umbrella of the federal government and lower, usually liberal courts, are in lock-step with the administration and congress in their obvious advocation of criminals over victims and ordinary, law-abiding citizens. Pedophiles have become the recent focus of "hate-crimes" rules and have been awarded by our elected officials protected status.

In our convoluted quest for a utopian and allegedly humane environment, we are bequeathing rights on the heineous - rights that were originally intended for the truly righteous - to the point where a child molester can sue the parent of his victim for vengeance, and a homeowner who shoots an intruder is subject to prison.

Small wonder that I am ready for my straight-jacket fitting.

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