Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Freedom Is Fading

For the first two hundred years of her existence, America has prospered and thrived on individual liberty and the entrepreneurial spirit of her people left to their own devices. Government interference has not been instrumental in this rise to prominence so it is quite perplexing that government now believes it must intrude for our survival.

The great experiment that was the inception of our nation was intended to break the chains of bondage that the founders endured elsewhere. They came here for emancipation from oppression and, having achieved that goal, forged a nation that has risen to world leadership in record time. Now it seems that those we elected to "serve" have become the ruling class that wants to return us to that which we originally fled; oppressive taxation.

Congress, insisting that the people cannot survive without their tender loving care, is persistently attempting to saddle us with universal health care, wantonly ignoring the wretched failure it has proved to be in the countries that have already implemented it. The idea is given added buoyancy by the fact that far too many people believe that once in place, their health care will be subsequently free. Sure, a free lunch sounds nice, too, but if you have to wait so long to receive it that you starve, the benefit is lost.

Now, congress is planning to mandate that every person have health care coverage. As Politico is reporting today:

Health care could soon go the way of the automobile, with users having no choice but to buy insurance coverage .

Within four years, every American could be required to own health insurance or pay their way through tax penalties. The odds of such a sea change rose last week when chief Democratic and Republican Senate negotiators on a health care bill acknowledged that many on the Finance Committee considered the so-called individual mandate essential to lower insurance costs for those who already have coverage.
I understand mandatory auto insurance, since driving is not a right. I do not understand the government forcing people to buy health insurance or pay for it in penalties. If someone has the wherewithal to pay their doctor only when they need to, why should they be forced to pay insurance premiums or nearly the equivalent in taxes?

Read the passage from Politico again and you'll understand why. "...the Finance Committee considered the so-called individual mandate essential to lower insurance costs for those who already have coverage". There it is, the blatant plan to force people to surrender funds they've rightfully earned for the benefit of others.

As we continue to allow our representatives to suffocate us under the auspices of benevolence, we simultaneously watch our freedoms fade away, feeling good about helping our fellow man - despite Americans' already enormous capacity for charity - even as we slip into oxygen-deprived unconciousness, thanks to the federal boots on our throats.

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