Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Losing My Fear Of Sharks

I used to marvel at the conditions that would cause people to flee a country through shark infested waters on make-shift rafts, but now I am developing a keen understanding for such motivation, courtesy of the democrats in control of everything and also the Obama administration. It has become increasingly evident that the cabal currently in charge has taken its temporary electoral victory to mean that we the people are eager for the type of "care" it intends to inflict upon us. And they are preparing to dole out a heaping helping of it.

Determined to implement socialized medicine - cloaked as the more palatable "health care for all" - our government is preparing to tax everything they can possibly imagine in order to fund the program. If the "Tea Party" endorsers thought they had a just cause before, there are much more draconian measures on the horizon at which to tilt, and the "parties" will no doubt become more frequent and much larger. My hope is that they become proportionately more effective, too.

On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee began exploring new tax targets and reexamining some old favorites for enhanced taxation, all for the purpose of paying for the reform they envision regarding the health of the citizenry. While their motivation is ostensibly for the benefit of the commonwealth, I maintain that it is for nothing more than suffocating control of the people.

Cigarettes are being considered for yet another two dollar per pack tax, and alcohol is also in the cross hairs. Big Brother is paving the way for controlling peoples behavior. But that's not enough. The prospect of taxing company health benefits is once again rearing its ugly head in the hallowed halls of congress, possibly removing the pre-tax status of employee deductions. Additionally, congress is eyeing health savings accounts - or "flex spending" accounts - for taxation, complaining that the accounts encourage “excess consumption” of health services. Common sense would dictate that if a person's own funds - wisely set aside to cover the cost of health care - encourage "excess consumption", then the erroneous perception by people that their coverage is "free" will cause even more of a run on services.

The difference is, however, that the democrat, would-be perpetrators of Universal Health Care know that they can't ration services for people who pay or have private coverage. This is why they seek to control that aspect of our lives.

Between the government takeover of corporations, the hiring binge currently under way by the feds, and the specter of having my behavior regulated by the State, I'm beginning to feel that the president's name should be Fidel. I am not ready to live in Cuba or anything like it. When Obama succeeds in "levelling the playing field" by creating equal misery for all, the only benefit is the prospect that I will not have to run uphill toward the shore, where my raft will be waiting. Sharks seem suddenly less frightening, and my understanding of the motivation is complete.

I wonder how long it will take to drift to Australia?

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