Friday, May 8, 2009

Connecting Obama's Dots

President Obama said that he will "retrain the unemployed". With the crumbling economy in the news, many view such a statement as strong leadership and a positive vision for America's immediate future. How many of them remember this video and Obama's desire to create a civilian security force equal to the U.S. Military? has an article about this subject today that seems to sugarcoat the implications of an American Executive administration "retraining" anyone. I offer the version that will be long forgotten by the time Americans no longer recognize their own surroundings. Hopefully, when the bewildered rotate their heads on weary necks, asking what the hell happened, this will still be available, though I sincerely doubt that it will be. If enough read and watch, however, we may still be able to preserve the history in the same fashion that ancient civilizations have; through Elders "reciting the stories".

Watch this video and commit it to memory so that your grandchildren may one day understand why they live in squalor. Since history is destined to be repeated, it stands to reason that a great civilization such as the United States will rise again.

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