Friday, May 15, 2009

Sharks Never Stop Swimming

On Thursday (5/14/2009), embattled Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took to the press podium to defend herself against charges that she knew of enhanced interrogation techniques being used by the United States. In true child-like fashion, she made excuses that she was "mislead" and lied to, a distinction she chose, not me.

While unabashedly wailing on anyone associated with George W. Bush, she was careful to avoid the same treatment of the CIA. On top of her claims of ignorance - again, not her fault - she also repeatedly referred to her predicament as a plot by republicans. Incapable of realizing the peril she is in, it was a theme she stuck to throughout the press conference; she did nothing wrong and the entire affair was nothing more than the republicans being partisan. Sure.

Lost in the vast expanse of her rambling and disjointed speech, however, were some words that belied the collective misconception of duties, borne by most of the members of congress today. She said that she didn't openly object to the techniques because it was "not her job" to do so. So what was Madam Speaker busy doing, then?

She was not conducting business in the interests of her constituents, and she was not fiercely defending the constitution she was sworn to protect. No, she was busy going about first obtaining a majority in the House for her political party, and then concentrating her efforts - on the taxpayers dime - on getting Barack Obama elected president. As if that weren't bad enough, though, she spoke of this in her press conference with not a hint of humility nor contrition, indicating that she believes that she was performing her duties properly. Judging from the way many politicians operate these days, they must all believe that their jobs are nothing more than the constant quest to...retain their jobs.

Much the same as sharks must swim continuously or drown.

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