Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Democrat Presidents "Create" New Jobs

During the Bush administration - when unemployment was very low - the media and the democrats sang the same tune over and over again. It wasn't a happy song and the beat was lugubrious. Whenever someone mentioned the high number of working Americans, liberal politicians complained about the low quality and poor wages of many of the jobs, and the media dutifully grabbed the baton and ran faster with the same message.

During the presidential campaign of 2004, John Kerry relentlessly pounded the drum of despair, claiming that newly created jobs under the Bush administration were basically an insult to the people holding them. USA Today was more than happy to do some research designed to bolster Kerry's claims, and helped out, too. From a USA Today article in their "money" section, dated 6/29/2004 - in which they cite all kinds of statistics - titled Low-wage jobs rise at faster pace, they had this to say:

The higher-wage vs. lower-wage question has become a campaign issue. Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry says newly created jobs are lower-paying with fewer benefits than those cut. The Voter Fund, a liberal political group, recently spent more than $500,000 to run TV ads with a middle-aged man flipping burgers.
On January 14th, 2009 MSNBC's Mythbusters segment discussed what they considered to be "the actual" unemployment numbers:

So I found it incredibly odd last night, watching ABC's Nightly News with Charles Gibson do a video segment on the latest jobless figures to be released. Here is a link to that video. Unfortunately, it was not embeddable, but it is a must watch, for it leads off with Gibson saying, "And when you hear the figure, 539,000 jobs lost, it obscures the fact that millions of people were hired into new jobs". He gives an example stating that 4.3 million Americans got new jobs in February. Then the video starts and we see (are you reading this, MoveOn?) middle aged people as part of the 72 who just got hired at...a burger joint. They interviewed a young man who had "just lost his construction job" and who is the new "fry guy".

The piece goes on to gush about Walmart expecting to hire tens of thousands of new workers, and also that the federal goverment has hired 62,000 new people. So I guess now that George W. Bush is not the president, flipping burgers is a noble profession once again. Is there anyone who still wants to deny the media's liberal bias?

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