Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Epitome Of Hypocrisy

What am I missing? I know there must be something to explain the complete lack of integrity embedded within the Democrat Party, but that explanation eludes me completely. I am left scratching my head in puzzlement at the antics of members of that party.

Democrats routinely endorse the release of classified and sensitive information that could damage Republicans despite the possibility that such information may pose a potential danger to America as a whole. They were all for the release of information on the alleged torture at Guantanamo, and clamored for the release of photographic evidence of it. Thankfully, President Obama felt that doing so would damage his political viability and changed course. I would prefer that his motives had been more noble, but doing the right thing is all that matters. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Nancy Pelosi has been in the hot seat ever since it was disclosed that - despite her loud protestations over the Bush administrations actions in Guantanamo - she knew about it all along and did nothing. She subsequently tried to lay blame on the former president and the CIA, but no one was buying.

Democrats on intelligence committees also lamented the fact that they were prohibited from speaking of their briefings, a restriction that they admitted made them reluctant to even attend for that very reason. But not only did they not object when information was leaked, they applauded when potentially damaging information came to light, never stopping to consider what our enemies would do with the revelations and only expressing glee at the prospect of hurting Republicans.

So it is with absolute astonishment that I learn of the Democrats fury over some Republicans having revealed that harsh interrogations yielded good intelligence that prevented attacks on America. According to Newsmax:

GOP members on the Intelligence Committee disclosed they were informed that enhanced interrogation methods such as waterboarding resulted in intelligence that preempted terrorist attacks. Democrats are furious that Republicans revealed information obtained in a closed-door session.

“I am absolutely shocked that members of the Intelligence committee who attended a closed-door hearing… then walked out that hearing – early, by the way – and characterized anything that happened in that hearing,” Intelligence Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations chairwoman Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., told The Hill. “My understanding is that’s a violation of the rules. It may be more than that.”
Why do Democrats never express the same level of outrage when sensitive material is revealed to enemies of America? For some Republicans to simply disclose that questionable procedures worked is no cause for alarm, but a cause for celebration. Perhaps that is what infuriates the Democrats so deeply; A Republican administration did something right, and they just can't stand it.

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