Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama's Political Bubble Is Bound To Burst

Similar to the ominous signs that the housing bubble was destined to explode, Barack Obama's unsustainable popularity simply will not last.

Just as we're seeing troubling signs of media control by the mullahs in Tehran being used to artificially inflate crowd sizes in the ongoing demonstrations in that country in order to portray greater support for Ahmadinejad, the media in America has shown a reticence to accept that the president of their dreams may not be all he was billed to be.

To be certain, he is smart and charismatic, the latter having clearly kept his poll numbers in the black, but it is becoming increasingly evident to a great many Americans that his acumen for the position may be somewhat lacking. This would explain why his general popularity numbers remain high even as his performance numbers continue their decline.

Polling is one way that a liberal media props up those whom they deem worthy by way of phrasing questions in a certain way and to a certain demographic, or at least a demographic heavily weighted to reflect the desired outcome.

To an increasing degree, the media steers the decision-making of those they allege to simply inform, offering information to them designed to guide opinion. Negative press abounded during the Bush administration on a variety of issues that are now considered positives for Obama. Spending and surveillance are but two examples. It has also been common practice among media outlets to cover demonstrations in the same vein, reporting extensively on crowds with whom they agree ideologically while either ignoring the crowds who counter-protest or misrepresenting their attendance numbers.

These organizations know this to be true and that may be why ABC News has jettisoned "journalistic integrity" - in what I can only assume to be a last gasp at achieving the Utopia they envisioned - for a week of government boot-licking. The depth to which this wicked tryst has sunk is confounding since - with the uber-competitive nature of media marketing - there has been no condemnation of ABC's betrayal from the other networks. Perhaps they have all been promised their day of leather-tasting.

The fact remains that while we are led to believe that this country has swung far to the left, the truth is that the adoring masses we witness on our television screens - crying for Obama like a teen girl at Shea Stadium during the first Beatles tour - represent a minority in America still. A recent Gallup poll indicated that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative to only 21% who declared themselves liberal. What this says is that if you ask a direct question with no rudder attached, American people are still Americans.

With those numbers, the Oba-bubble has the same chance as a snowball in...a very hot place.

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