Friday, June 12, 2009

The Final Assault Is Under Way

I expect to be a political prisoner soon.

In my 51 years on Planet Earth, the Tea Parties across America on April 15th were the first demonstrations I have ever witnessed by conservatives. It has been my life-long experience that conservatives - myself included - have always been too busy holding down a job or two or three to amass and protest against anything. The only time we have historically had to voice our displeasure on the direction of the country has been at the dinner table.

It is very interesting to note the tone of the left in this country regarding the Tea Parties, which were peaceful gatherings at which there were no clashes with police. Yet, liberal media outlets were merciless in attacking the conservatives who attended them and attacking the events themselves. Anderson Cooper's sophomoric, snickering locker room characterization of those in attendance is a prime example. The parties seem to have jolted the left and frightened them badly, as they have begun to ramp up their rhetoric against conservatives at a dizzying stride and classify us as dangers to America.

The reason, ironically, is exactly because we have begun to alert the American people to the fact that is the liberals who are the danger to America, and our message is competing mightily with the now-state-run media.

Paul Krugman is leading the charge, using the strategy expressly endorsed by Rahm Emanuel; never let a good crisis go to waste. Exploiting the murder of Dr. George Tiller and the Holocaust museum shooter - a white supremacist - Krugman screeches yesterday his message of "grab the torches and pitchforks" and preaches fear and hatred of all things conservative. How odd that he missed the opportunity to similarly rail against the new convert to Islam who shot two soldiers in an Alabama recruiting station.

Krugman is not alone, as many media outlets specifically referred to James von Brunn, the museum shooter, as a "right wing extremist". Yet these venues never castigate the violent liberal protesters who clash with police and riot over a range of things that outrage them, such as anything environmental or military.
And yet, in 2001 when the recounts were under way in Florida, the media went apoplectic over nine nerdy-looking men and one mousy woman who - upset over the changing rules in the recounting - held their breath and stamped their feet. That event is still referred to as the "Brooks Brothers Riot".

Despite the fact that no Pintos or Mustangs were hurt in that "riot", it is still held up as an example of the dangerous right, while Molotov cocktails and burning vehicles at many liberal protests are overlooked to highlight the rubber bullets used by police, no doubt many of whom are conservatives.

Liberals have had control of our government in varying degrees and at varying times before, but this is the first time that they have had control of both houses of Congress while having a radical in control of the Executive branch, and they are launching their final assault on free speech and overall freedom right now. What is frightening is that not many are seeing it and those who are beginning to recognize it are doing it very slowly, and Obama is doing everything very quickly. See the connection yet?

They are burning our economy to the ground, they are empowering and emboldening our enemies, and they are feverishly attempting to convince the last remnants of the uncommitted that the only people who stand in the way of their final destruction are their enemies, and that salvation lays only with the liberal agenda. The left frequently asks of conservatives, "what would Jesus do"?

I have a question for the still confused and undecided: What would Satan do?

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