Thursday, June 4, 2009

When Will The Lying Stop?

When Will The Lying Stop?

The campaign is over, yet the lies continue. The Rhetoric is useless. Obama is not only lying to our own citizens, but now, he's flat out lying to the rest of the world. This is not a Muslim country. Obama denying we are a Christian nation will not change that. Has he never studied American history? Does Barack Hussein Obama really not understand that this God Blessed nation was founded, and has been operating for 200 plus years on good old Judeo - Christian values? You cannot throw our Christianity under the bus! No nation has proved more worthy of their Christian love, than this country. Look at how many of our beloved heros have gone overseas, to give their lives for the freedom of others. So, please Mr. President...stop apologizing for our country. We have nothing to be apologetic about!

Now, Obama's heritage should no longer be a secret to anyone. He has Muslim relatives, and his father was a Muslim. Barack himself, attended a Muslim school, where he was enrolled by his Mother, and his own school records show he was registered as a Muslim. No, that is not a new revelation, but it is very telling now, when he is off gallivanting all over the Middle East, professing that the United States is a Muslim nation. No, we are not! We do not believe in the same things Muslim nations believe in, nor does our Constitution mirror the Quran. So, pardon me, Mr. President, but you are a blatant liar, once again, all the while you try to appease your Muslim friends. Instead, how about you convince your Muslim friends to drop the hatred they have been embracing for the last several centuries, and tell them to denounce those that have hijacked their religion, into a radical killing machine! No, you won't do it, Mr. President, because you are not a leader, nor do you have the best interest of this country at heart. Your real loyalties are showing, Mr. President, and they have nothing to do with American Patriotism.

Perhaps it's time you came out of the closet, and quit pretending to be a Christian, that attended services that encouraged racism and hate. Perhaps it's time you admit your loyalties to your, quote "Minister" Farrakon, who is nothing more than a radical himself.

And perhaps it's time you gave up the ghost of that birth certificate you keep hiding, and admit who you are, and where you are from!

It was bad enough, when you began the take over of American businesses, in the guise of trying to save them. But, now you are attacking our moral fiber, with your pronouncements of "Gay Month". What is next Mr. President? Are you going to pronounce a Hetero month? Criminal month? Or how about Tax evader month? You certainly seem to be friendly enough with many of them!

The game is over, Barack. You are a fake. You are no leader. You are out to destroy our very core. It will not work, you underestimate the American people. Even those that voted for you are beginning to see your true colors. And they will never be red, white or blue.

If I were a clairvoyant, I'm sure I would be saying about now, that I am seeing an impeachment on the horizon.

We the people are going to take just so much.

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