Monday, June 22, 2009

In The Year Of Our Lord

This post is not an original idea, for it is based on a video of 4th District Congressional Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA.) addressing the house regarding this countries suddenly contested Judeo-Christian genesis. It was brought to my attention by a cousin I have not seen in over thirty years but whom I have become reacquainted with through the grace of the technology this world has wrought. Funny how things work out.

Equally funny is how someone like Congressman Forbes can so effortlessly lay waste to the absurd claims of not only our atheistic compatriots, but to the claims of the man we elected as our leader. The former seek to rewrite history as it pertains to God and our tumultuous beginnings while the latter endeavors to portray this nation as a blank canvass upon which he can paint images from the Qu'ran in an effort to appease the enemies he must ultimately battle, providing his oaths were true and his intentions pure.

As leftists clamor to dilute the religious composition of America - presumably because it causes them great fear - they have been somewhat successful in their allegedly intellectual assault on the common masses, the ones who attend church services but spend the entire homily texting or "tweeting". Even more alarming is the fact that they have managed to build a wall of doubt among the more moderate supporters of God as we know Him.

I counted myself among the moderately religious not too long ago, which is why I found this video so profound. Forbes presents a simple yet concrete proof of our Judeo-Christian origins that is simply undeniable. Watch his's a four and a half minute video:

All of our founding documents are dated in "the year of our Lord". Our state's constitutions are similarly dated as are our legal documents. If we are not a Judeo-Christian nation - as our new president and his supporters like to claim - what year is it really?

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