Monday, June 8, 2009

First There Is A Mountain

Then there is no mountain, then there is. So said Donovan back in 1967, and so says Barack Obama today. Donovan once said the song was about an experience he had climbing a mountain in Japan. He explained that from a distance, there was a mountain, but when he was climbing it all he could see was ground, no mountain. Then, once atop the mountain, it was there again. Not as deep as some may have thought over the years.

When Barack Obama speaks of the U.S. economy, he saw a mountain, then in May said there was no mountain, but now there is again. We got into this frenzied spending binge - of money we don't have, I might add - as soon as Obama was sworn in, and we haven't slowed a bit. In fact, he now says that we need to spend more phantom money even faster.

A common theme among the mainstream media throughout George W. Bush's eight-year administration was the relentless caterwauling over the budget deficits created by the war in Iraq. The democrats joined the chorus of complaints over the spending on the military, claiming that the country couldn't possibly survive under the weight of such debt. Where are all of them now, those naysayers and opponents of "rampant spending"? Why is there virtually no one on the left pounding their shoe on the desk and demanding that this insane orgy of money burning be stopped at once?

Obama campaigned on the theme that America is a great nation and that he wanted to change it, and I believed him then. I believe him even more so now. America was once as a majestic mountain, rising above the Earth for all to see and admire. Now there is no mountain. Perhaps Obama decided to take the advice of another musician from the same era. Jimi Hendrix wrote, "Well I'm standing next to a mountain, I chop it down with the edge of my hand".

Yeah. Maybe Obama is the Voodoo Child who chops down the mountain.

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