Monday, March 30, 2009

Barack The Benevolent

If it weren't so terrifying it would be funny, this new administration and its machinations. I distinctly remember liberals shrieking at every move the Bush administration made as bringing us a step closer to a dictatorship, yet they seem to have no qualms whatsoever with what the brand new administration has been doing.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in U.S. history that the CEO of a corporation has been ousted by the president of the United States. General Motors chairman Rick Wagoner has been ordered to leave his post by Obama, something which should be cause for extreme alarm in any American. It's not, though, because too many people have bought into the class envy successfully perpetrated by liberal politicians. They believe that the federal government has the right to meddle in private business affairs by virtue of the money being doled out like so much candy at a day care center.

So it is with great irony that these same people, blinded to reality by their Obama-lust, do not see the intrinsic encroachment of liberty that is inevitable with such practices. If the federal government can hand out money to corporations and then lord over them absolutely, it is certain that when it pays for an individuals health care it will also own the individual and every decision he makes. And yet, this is what they clamor for anyway despite the obvious dangers.

Speaking of danger, we may soon have some new neighbors, courtesy of the benevolence of Obama. This will be a great opportunity for all those who wailed about the rights of Guantanamo detainees to welcome them into their communities when Obama releases them on U.S. soil. After all, they have never been charged with a crime, so just the fact that they were captured in the process of fighting U.S. soldiers should be no cause for worry. I'm sure they're very nice people, nothing like the others who have previously been released and subsequently recaptured as al-Qaeda operatives.

In fact, not content with merely setting them free, the president feels that they will need public assistance once released in America, which could explain why that "tax cut for 95% of working Americans" was taken out of his budget. If anyone can afford it, will you please bake a cake for the welcoming committee to deliver?

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Joe Markowitz said...

GM's CEO did not have to step down. He was only required to do so as a condition to getting a loan from the government, and he agreed to this condition. What was the alternative? Either loan GM the money with no strings attached, or let GM file bankruptcy. Neither alternative seems better than getting rid of Wagoner.

Woody said...

You're incorrect, Joe. GM had already received bailout money prior to Obama's removal of Wagoner.
Every article I read regarding this subject phrased Wagoner's departure as "ousted". We can't all be wrong.