Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Bye, America

233 years doesn't quite seem long enough, but still, it was a heck of a run. Who would have thought that a bunch of guys with white wigs and wooden teeth could have built such a wonderful place and set it up to run so smoothly for so long? Who would have thought that it could come crashing down so suddenly?

The Democratic Party has veered hard to the left, hard enough to lift the wheels on the driver's side. Emboldened by the misunderstood message of Obama's electoral victory in November, they have abandoned the practice of baby steps and have lunged forward with their fatal agenda. There was a time when I believed that liberals were simply wrong in their ideology while having good intentions. That time has passed. I can no longer subscribe to the notion that they could be so horribly and willfully stupid in the face of what they have already done and plan to do.

From the rampant spending to the arrogant dismissal of their critics, democrats have most certainly gone 'round the bend and seem intent on ending the way of life we as Americans have come to know and love. Now they want to institute something called "card check", a way for workers to form unions simply by signing a card. The irony is rich, in that democrats are so named while they are engaged in destroying democracy.

"Card check" will do away with workers' ability to vote by secret ballot, leaving them exposed to the possibility of intimidation by their co-workers or more strong-armed union organizers. Further, if more companies are forced to accept organized labor, many will simply close their doors or be forced to raise prices and fees.

While Obama promised wage earners who make less than $250,000 annually that their taxes would not go up "one dime", he has already succeeded in making goods cost more and taxing people of every tax bracket through punitive increases on everything from energy to tobacco.

The very landscape of America is being altered so as to be almost unrecognizable, and it saddens me. I am certainly going to miss this old place. Last one out, please turn out the lights.

That is, if the electric is still on.

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