Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Money For Gaza, Not Our Soldiers

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Gaza Strip the first week of March. Part of her visit was to inform the region that it could expect to be receiving $900 million dollars from the U.S. in aid. Careful not to anger critics of such a move, the Obama administration was quick to point out that the money would be funnelled through non-governmental agencies and not through Hamas.

Despite what the money was going to be used for, at the time I didn't think much of it since it amounted to slightly more than one tenth of one percent of the alleged "stimulus package" and as such, did not seem to hold much significance in the grand scheme of things. Then something happened to change my mind.

On Monday, American Legion Commander David K. Rehbein had a meeting with President Obama regarding veteran's affairs. In that meeting, Commander Rehbein learned of Obama's plans to make wounded soldiers' private insurance companies reimburse the Department of Veteran's Affairs. Just a year ago, the President had this to say about the U.S. military (from the Barack Obama Web Site):

"We honor their service to this ideal every time we fly the flag," Senator Obama said. "But the true measure of our patriotism is not taken on Veterans Day or Memorial Day - the true measure is how we provide for those who serve, and for their families, after the guns fall silent and the cameras are turned off. And it is my strong belief that over the last few years, we have not always kept that sacred trust - we have not served our veterans as well as they have served us."

This plan to make the soldiers pay for injuries they received in service to America is designed to save 530 million dollars. This speaks volumes about the Commander in Chief's priorities. He feels comfortable sending 900 million of our tax dollars to rebuild a region that begged to be destroyed by launching rockets into the territory of our ally, but he wants to save us 530 million dollars by abandoning the people who make our way of life possible in the first place.

If anyone reading this is as mad as I am right now, contact your Congressman and Senator and tell them to save the $530 million by giving the $900 million to the people who deserve it far more than the Palestinians do. You can find them here:

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Contact Your Senator

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