Monday, March 2, 2009

The Conservative Renaissance Is Here

First, I must qualify the title as it seems to suggest a nefarious collusion between the principles about which this article is designed, which is neither the case nor my intent. I will defend the title, however, on the grounds that the apparent ensnarement of Rahm Emanuel is all the indication needed to conclude that, as inadvertent as the setting of the trap may have been, it yielded the same results of one who would have intentionally set it.

Rush Limbaugh brought the house down at the CPAC convention on Saturday, something I am benchmarking as the beginning of the Conservative Renaissance, and the demise of liberal dominance in the early 21st century. Oddly enough, I also applauded the election of Michael Steele to RNC Chair a few weeks ago, and as fate would have it, he and Rush have become embroiled in a bit of a tiff. What a delight for the main stream media who have made a cottage industry out of misquoting Limbaugh for personal gain.

Michael Steele was being interviewed by CNN's D.L. Hughley on Saturday night shortly after Limbaugh's speech to CPAC. During one exchange, Steele referred to Rush's show as "incendiary and ugly", something that begot an inspired response from the radio host on today's show. Michael Steele was quick to correct himself, saying that he said something he didn't mean. To be honest, I am usually skeptical when someone complains of being taken out of context, but I believe Steele in this instance.

The problem, however, is the reason that he said what he said at all, and that was made abundantly clear in Limbaugh's tirade. Michael Steele found himself in a position with Hughley that - in Steele's mind, at least - compelled him to behave in precisely the manner of which Limbaugh complains where alleged conservatives are concerned; he briefly abandoned integrity for the sake of appearing to understand the left's disdain for Limbaugh.

This has become an unconcious habit amongst conservatives who for too long have felt inferior to - and therefore in need of - a level of acceptance from the left. What Limbaugh has been trying for quite some to time to get across is our ability to rise up and fight, and approval and acceptance by the opposition be damned.

Make no mistake, liberals are the opposition and they have been stepping on our throats for much too long. They rail on about Limbaugh's wish for Obama's agenda to fail, yet they predicted, hoped for, and ultimately claimed that President Bush had failed. At least Limbaugh is honest about it, even as the media deliberately distorts his words.

The reaction of the crowd at the CPAC speech was heartening. Steele's haste in apologizing is also encouraging. The only thing that can keep us down this time is for the Obama administration to suddenly co-opt our philosophy. I am not worried in the least about that ever happening.

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