Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Enemy Of The State: The U.S. Constitution

Much greater men than us long ago took substantial risk and sacrificed so much to make America the greatest country the world has ever known, and they crafted a brilliant document that has endured for over two centuries. Lesser men - and women - have managed to tweak it along the way to make it conform to changing times but thus far it has, for the most part, remained the unwavering protector of our liberty, ensuring that our enslavement to those whom we choose as leaders cannot happen.

These men, the founding fathers, specifically referred to our country as a union; a group of individual states peacefully agreeing to adhere to a common set of standards while reserving the right to individual sovereignty regarding issues of locale. The body overseeing the commonwealth, i.e., the federal government, was intentionally restricted to the role of arbiter in the event of state's disputes. My, how we have sullied such a masterpiece.

"Enemy of the state" is a term often used to label one a traitor to the union, not to describe one who violates a rule of a particular member of that union. Since the constitution clearly enumerates power to the member states of the union while reining in the abuse of power by the federal government, it is obvious that that revered document is now considered an enemy of the state by virtue of its explicit refusal to allow what we are witnessing today. The constitution stands between we the people and the Obama administration and current session of congress.

And so it is little wonder that our elected officials are gleefully trampling on the constitution in similar fashion to William Ayers on the American flag. For them, it is imperative to render the founders' writings archaic in order to achieve the control they now attempt to wrest from the states. To be certain, they began a few decades ago, slowly whittling away at the tenets of the constitution, but now they have released the jack-hammers and are in full destruct mode. I equate it to a long distance runner's second-wind burst to the finish line.

What I find most amazing in the midst of this frenzied and wanton shredding is that the media seem to be taking it all in stride, and many people - way too many, in fact - seem oblivious to it. Yes, there are a few of us left who see it for what it is, but we can't get anyone to listen or see. All eyes have been successfully diverted to the manufactured crises of which we are reminded daily, and the subversive work goes on nearly undetected.

Our only hope is a strong opposition party rising like a phoenix before the ashes go cold. Once that happens, we are finished as that which we once cherished.

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Anonymous said...

I see the problem being that for about 100 years, these abuses have been made. They have now been taken for granted and those who are benefiting from them will not allow those of us who are paying the bill to stop the money.

This is the problem of money taken as taxes and given to those who do not pay. They also have a say in the elections, so they vote for more trouble. All along, it is the American taxpayer who has become the modern day "SLAVE" to the system that does not hold them in positive regard. The American taxpayer has become a tool of big government.

The solution is not easy and it is not going to be fun. How do you allow a senior, who was promised social security for fifty years, to re-enter a system without that social safety net? Meanwhile, countless inner city families will be thrust upon their local systems looking for those food banks and welfare programs that have reverted back to local charities. Then, consider the millions who now work for the federal government in those goliath houses of the IRS, EPA, et al. These people will be out of a job and again, thrust upon a system that is poorly equipped to handle them. This local system is non-existent. We have wandered so far from the path that what remains is wholly inadequate for any purpose.

Dependence in any form is dangerous. Economic dependence in a big government system paid for by an unwilling constituency that is quickly disappearing is foolhardy. This is the problem. Who wants a second helping of the solution?

Mickey said...

I hold on to the fact that the majority of the country will have their voices heard. It is hard to see right now, but at some point it will reach past the point of tolerance and there will be a blowback. If this does not happen, then unfortunately, it must mean the majority is favoring what is happening with our government and country. It is so hard to imagine that the country is willing to quit as a whole, our ancestors would be shamed.

Woody said...

Good points by both.

Wild, we're at the point where the blinfolded lady holding the scales would be staggering like a sailor on a one day shore leave. Should the responsible be made subservient to the needy in the interest of "fairness"? Or should those who are either incapable or unwilling to fend for themselves be once and for all relegated to the role of the kept?

I agree that they should not have a voice in perpetuating their unearned bounty, and also that their situations should be made discomforting to the point that remaining there is undesirable.

Mickey, I pray that you are correct in the blowback prediction. My own prognostication is that the 2010 elections will tell us the answer to your ponderances.

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