Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Mechanism Of Cataclysm

Usually, I am not so alarmist or melodramatic in my musings, and it was with some trepidation that I began this piece, but after a quick perusal of sites which conveniently group major headlines, I was struck by the rapidity with which our world is changing, and the timing is such that mere coincidence must be ruled out.

The dizzying ascension of a young neophyte such as Barack Obama to the most powerful position on planet Earth has mesmerized most of its inhabitants, seemingly to the point of catatonia. The citizenry of the planet appear utterly beguiled while the leaders seem to have finally gotten what the United States has kept from their clutches for a few centuries; a leader of America who shares their goals, the very same goals that have allowed America to leapfrog over them in record time. Why these other nations continue to covet the failed ideologies that have left them floundering in our wake is a question I cannot answer, but they cling to them nonetheless, and now feel that the final cog in the wheel has fallen into place; Obama has succeeded and the machine is ready to churn.

What will this mean for we the citizens of what may be the former greatest country on Earth? For one thing, we may no longer enjoy the status we have come to know as the most prosperous and peace-loving people in the world. Many of our freedoms will have to be sacrificed and our security forfeited. We are about to enter an era in which we are allowed to consume only that which the government deems safe and proper, and an era that will reduce us to adolescents earning an allowance for our labors.

Our language will soon be spoken, in our own homeland, in the presence of others who will glare menacingly at us because they cannot understand what we say and will interpret that as a threat. We are to become strangers in our own home.

One must wonder if the machinations required to propel such an unknown quantity to such an immense station in life were not mostly nefarious, for the policies we see emerging at a startling pace seem destined to cause our ruin. The rate at which this new administration - aided by a completely sympathetic congress - is spending as-yet non-existent money will do little more than cripple our economic clout, thus knee-capping us.

Internationally, we are about to witness the demise of the one true ally we treasured in the midst of the otherwise tumultuous Middle East. Formerly powerful and, hence, dangerous foes have begun to regain their adversarial footing with a confidence that, quite frankly, is a considerable cause for concern. Even smaller nations once viewed as those who could never conceivably pose a threat have ramped up their antagonistic rhetoric as if to dare anyone to challenge them.

Obama, in my view, is the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was lost in the heating duct, thereby eluding every world leader who sought it out in order to facilitate the downfall of the "evil empire" they call America. Whichever nation found it matters not, for it seems that they all rejoice in its final recovery as one, and are now poised to create the New World Order that has for too long been just beyond their grasp.

There couldn't possibly have been a worse time in our history for complete democrat control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. I pray that we regain the Legislative branch before we tumble into the abyss of history.

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