Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pill In The Pudding

"The science is settled", we've been told, and if we don't act swiftly and boldly we will destroy the planet through our greed and avarice. Yet, despite the fact that there are now some 700 scientists who protest the notion of settled dispute, the Obama administration is planning a massive cap and trade scheme that is being estimated to potentially cost two trillion dollars, nearly triple the administration's initial estimate.

The entire global warming industry - for that's exactly what it is - is designed to make people feel good about being "responsible stewards" of the environment. No one desires harm to befall our planet, but those who resist the machinations and manipulations of the Al Gores of the world are seen as heretics who actively plot to facilitate our demise.

Of course, like any liberal cause, the cure-all is money, and lots of it. The plan seeks to reduce pollution by setting a limit on carbon emissions and allowing businesses and groups to buy allowances. Cap and trade will generate plenty of money at the expense of virtually anyone who works and breathes. The only ones who will not feel much fiscal pain are the "vulnerable". According to a White House official, the vulnerable will receive free money in the form of "rebates". He said, "Any revenues in excess of the estimate would be rebated to vulnerable consumers, communities and businesses."

There, my friends, is the pill in the pudding. It has been well established that Barack Obama is a redistributionist. He admitted as much to Joe The Plumber during the campaign, and he has been recorded stating his philosophy on more than one occasion. He knows the prospect of overtly taking from the rich to give to the poor is a radioactive notion, so he uses the old trick mothers use to give foul-tasting medicine to their kids.

I applaud anyone who takes it upon themselves to conserve energy if it makes them feel better about their futures, but I beseech them to think about the value of a cap and trade system that will only be implemented here in America, while China, India, and other rapidly developing countries refuse to participate. You are not going to save the planet, but you will aid in the process of making Obama's wealth transfer a success.

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John A. Davison