Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The All American Tea Party

The All American Tea Party

By now, most every American that is even a little bit interested in the politics that affect their everyday lives, have heard about the tea parties that will be taking place across the nation at noon today.

These parties are not against anything, nearly as much as they are for standing up for the country we know and love….the country built on a constitution, well thought out by our founders…A constitution written to protect our rights as citizens of the freest nation on earth…A constitution that jetted us to be the most envied nation on earth, even though it is one of the youngest. A constitution that has geared us in the right direction for over 200 years…A constitution that guaranteed us the right to have these tea parties!

While some party participants will come with posters and signs, some will wave flags, some will speak, and some will watch. But, they will all have one common thread. They will all be showing their patriotism. To love a country, and see it going the wrong direction, and not participate, is as much a waste of your rights, as it is to waste your vote, not bothering to go to the polls on election day.

We have had a lot thrown at us in the last 2 months. For the first time in our history, our leadership wants to control many facets of our enterprise system, which is suppose to be free, in a free nation. There is nowhere in our constitution that calls for government intervention. We’ve also had our rights to bear arms threatened. We’ve had our leadership try to befriend countries that are known to arm and fund terrorists. They intend to raise our taxes, to spend the way they choose, and ignore all calls to cut government spending. They have past a budget that will break our backs, along with our children’s backs. They are intentionally trying to make us weak. They intend to socialize our medicine. We are now hearing rumblings that if you don’t agree with the administration and their policies, you should be watched. That word just came out through Home land security. Those in the media that speak out against the administration’s actions have be ridiculed. They are trying to quash our freedoms, one by one.

If ever you had reason to stand up for your country, today is the day to show your strength. We still have a say so. We can still pull the numbers together, the legal way….without funding groups like Acorn to do our work. We need to show the country today, that we love our country, more than we love their brand of change.

If you can get to a tea party today, do so! Take your flag! If you cannot get to one, participate, anyway. Raise your flag at home! Put a poster on your car! Honk your horn 3 times at noon. Do something to show you still have some patriotism running through your veins!
And at the end of the day….you can say, I helped….in a peaceful way!

I helped America get back on the right track.

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