Friday, April 24, 2009

No Guts, No Gore

Actually there was Gore at the Congressional Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment hearings today on Capitol Hill, but conspicuously absent was any evidence of guts or intestinal fortitude exhibited by congressional democrats. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), Ranking Member on the Energy & Commerce Committee, apparently had invited Lord Christopher Monckton to appear jointly with former vice president Al Gore at the hearings. The majority party balked when they learned of Monckton's intended participation in the hearings.

Monckton, a former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has been a vocal critic of the claims of Al Gore and his fellow climate alarmists who continue to hawk the insane notion that Man is destroying the planet. He has challenged Gore to open debates and has been refused at every turn with the dismissive "the science is settled" argument and bogus claims of an imaginary "consensus" among the scientific community, which we have learned recently has begun to crumble like a house of cards in a stiff, CO2-induced breeze.

Earlier this week, Republican committee staff were informed by House democrats that they would be offering an "unnamed celebrity" as their star witness. According to

The "celebrity" witness turned out to be Gore. Monckton said the GOP replied they would respond to the Democrats' "celebrity" with an unnamed "celebrity" of their own. But Monckton claims that when the Democrats were told who the GOP witness would be, they refused to allow him to testify alongside Gore.
An update on the website states that democrats on the committee said "absolutely not" in regard to having Monckton appear alongside Gore.

On March 19th, 2007, Monckton issued a challenge to Al Gore to debate before a world-wide television audience. As part of that challenge, in a letter sent to the former vice president, Monckton said:
"A careful study of the substantial corpus of peer-reviewed science reveals that Mr. Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, is a foofaraw of pseudo-science, exaggerations, and errors, now being peddled to innocent schoolchildren worldwide."
He also called on Gore to:
"step up to the plate and defend his advocacy of policies that could do grave harm to the welfare of the world's poor. If Mr. Gore really believes global warming is the defining issue of our time, the greatest threat human civilization has ever faced, and then he should welcome the opportunity to raise the profile of the issue before a worldwide audience of billions by defining and defending his claims against a serious, science-based challenge".
And still Gore, comfy in his IPCC-bestowed Nobel Prize, ducked Monckton and would not debate on the basis that his award was all the validation he needed to claim victory. The world populace be damned; Oslo and the UN had spoken.

Elected congressional democrats agreed and shut Monckton out of the conference today, waiting until he had de-planed to break the news to him. The alleged party of freedom of speech and liberty has determined autonomously that the people need hear no more than the rantings of a lunatic who is also part of their cloistered club.

As ironic as that descriptive term may be, irony seems to define the democrat party.

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