Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mad Science

This whole business of global warming - climate change for you new-agers - is quite confounding. No amount of evidence is sufficient to deter the believers from their destructive course but what's more, they alter course more frequently than a running man under enemy fire. "Serpentine" does not adequately describe the policy movements of the true believers.

The remedies bandied about to combat the scourge of global warming often conflict with previous remedies or embrace actions once considered contributors to the problem in order to...solve the problem. Case in point, the possible method being considered by the Obama administration to cool the planet; shooting pollutants into the upper atmosphere to mimic the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions. What that means is they want to inject sulfur pellets into the atmosphere.

A few decades ago, liberal minstrels composed song after song bemoaning the effects acid rain was having on the waterways of the world, killing fish and algae, destroying ecosystems and the like. The culprit was pollution from factories, sulfur being spewed into the atmosphere by these evil entities. Now John Holdren, Obama's top science advisor wants to repeat that process on purpose. (Bear in mind that Holdren was also the science advisor to Al Gore in the making of An Inconvenient Truth.)

It is an interesting bit of irony that we are told that the sun's fluctuations have little or no effect on the climate but rather that it is man's activities to blame. So why the insane plan to block the sun's rays?

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this plan is that it will likely cause more CO2 to remain aloft, since SO2 falling into the oceans in the form of acid rain will have a stunting effect on their ability to absorb CO2. Then again, maybe that's the plan; create measurable increases in CO2 levels in order to more easily sell an increased tax levy on it to the mesmerized masses.

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