Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr. President, Michelle Needs Help In The New Garden

What a year 2009 is turning out to be. The economy is a permanent fixture on the nightly news, car companies are ceasing production on models many of us grew up with, and the banks keep raising interest rates. And through it all, our new president is vowing to spend a couple hundred billion here and a few trillion there... it never worked this way with my personal finances and I have to wonder why it will work now.

The latest spending binge coming down the pike from the White House is another $420 billion for research and development in the scientific community. Claiming that America has fallen behind the rest of the world in science - and that that is unacceptable - Obama says we must spend 3% of our gross domestic product on science in order to once again "lead" in that field. This, of course, is a direct response to the threat of swine flu emanating from Mexico, which is odd because while the administration refuses to close the border or screen flight arrivals from Mexico, the president claims that we are well equipped to deal with the threat. So where did we fall behind, Sir?

Anyone who questions the scientific superiority of the United States should once again ask why it is the most coveted place on the planet to live. Why are the seriously ill flown into America for life-saving procedures? Why do people risk almost certain death either from drowning or shark attack to reach our shores? Having experienced neither, I still believe that I would choose a life of oppression over that of being a meal for a nasty fish, but the lure of American life causes many to consciously make that choice in direct contrast to what I would choose. Then again, they are more familiar with a life of oppression than I do or would ever care to know.

Just yesterday my wife asked, "What are you going to do today?" I responded that I was going to Home depot to get some things for the yard. She told me to wait until next weekend. Our auto insurance premiums are due this week and she didn't want to be caught short. So, I found a few bags of garden mulch I had left over from last year in the shed, and while my wife weeded, I placed nice, new black mulch around the blooming plants.

Perhaps Michelle Obama should grab the president by the ear and drag him out to the garden she's been tending on the White House grounds. It might be our only hope to get him to stop spending, and it would also free those children up to go and play.

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