Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Me, Baby

Yesterday was Tax Day, April 15th, a day for which I have never heard one person express gratitude upon its arrival, with the exception of the recipients of those funds. No one likes to pay taxes and if they say they do, they're lying plain and simple. So it is quite ironic that people - including those in the media - were busily denigrating the Tea Party protesters yesterday, calling them "un-American" and somehow un-patriotic because they dared to express their displeasure with the runaway taxing and spending by the people they elect to serve.

It's also rather odd that media-types would show the level of disdain and derision evident in coverage of the Tea Parties since they are usually cheerleaders of those who take to the streets and voice their anger at injustice. Yet, they will say, "what media bias"?

Chris Matthews showed his typical liberal stripe by behaving like a pimply-faced, prepubescent teenager who had just learned a dirty word, giggling as he referred to the protesters as "teabaggers", a reference to an act that, suffice it to say, is one of former President Clinton's favorites. Other media outlets were not as juvenile in their coverage, but still insisted on attempting to disqualify the nationwide protests by continually dismissing their origins, refusing to accept the notion that it was a grass roots effort.

Perhaps it is a fear that has been born in the established liberal domain, seeing conservatives - who have historically not done too poorly despite barely fighting - suddenly beginning to stir. I think of someone poking a big, sleeping dog with a stick until the dog opens one eye, growling. I just hope that the dog wakes up fully and rises to his feet to chase the stick-wielder off of the porch.

Yesterday was a good start. I hope it can continue.

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