Monday, April 20, 2009

Bequeathing The Reins Of Slavery

Or The Continuation Of Snake Oil Sales

Despite the fact that it was republicans who were historically responsible for the emancipation of colonial slaves in America, the same party is still regarded as the oppressors of Blacks to this day. Anyone who has been even peripherally aware of the actual progress made regarding race relations in this country should be either outraged or, at the least, confounded by the continuing claims of leftists who earn their bacon on the backs of those whom they claim to champion. Imagine someone with their heel planted firmly on the throat of a downed victim shrilly calling for immediate aid. Of course, that victim must be unconscious, as must be the massive electorate of victims who continue to endorse their own oppressors.

The chains commonly associated with the traditional meaning of slavery have not been banished but have merely been replaced by what many today would consider jewelry; trinkets that have bestowed so-called success-story breakouts such as rap "artists" with a false sense of empowerment while forcing many of them outside the laws, both legally and societally. While amassing enviable fortunes, these renegades have made no progress at all. They are still angry while having the wealth to enjoy a lofty perch from which to vent. Is that to be considered progress?

Democrats have held the claim on not only the reins of power for most of the twentieth century but also the hearts and minds of the downtrodden. It is strange then, that we are still having this debate after all this time, particularly in light of their resurgence in 2006 and the election of a Black democrat to the highest office in the land. The "struggle" should have culminated in a stunning declaration of victory last November. Nope, there is still no justice and no peace.

At what point will these seekers of validation and restitution recognize that they have been duped by politicians who only crave the continuance of their own power? When will cognizance of the heel on the throat seep into their consciousness? And for the love of God, when will they realize that slavery is not necessarily the beatings and bondage so colloquially associated with the romantic version we have all come to know, but rather the clandestine and more palatable version currently being thrust upon us?

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wild.abandon said...

Nicely put Woody. I would also mention that we are now seeing these slave owners finally breaking out the bull whip. The heel in the throat was good enough for a while. But now the chains of true ownership have been oiled and brought out of the closet. The new regime of communism wielded by the left will begin in earnest with the sound of those leg irons clasping around the lives of these Americans forever. The economic slavery that is to begin will last many more lifetimes.