Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Revolution Is Upon Us

The title - particularly coming from me - will probably be misunderstood to mean that the Conservative Revolution has begun by way of the Tea Parties, but sadly, that is not what I mean. No, I'm referring to the radical alteration of what was formerly the greatest nation the world has ever seen at the hands of a world-class manipulator who has learned well from masters past the fine art of mental judo. Judo is the martial art that utilizes an opponents own kinetic energy against him and the Obama movement, employing the same technique, has used the misguided demands of the alleged downtrodden and their champions to simply step aside and propel their progress through their own momentum.

This has been made possible also by the brilliant use of what I consider the new camouflage. The new camouflage is not designed to enable its wearer to blend into his surroundings, thereby rendering him somewhat invisible. The new camouflage is the opposite of the old, for it is bright red and very loud. The premise is that those about to be attacked would not even consider such a clad person to be a threat simply because they're too obvious.

That is exactly what happened to so many people who voted for Obama, people who probably would not have if they had heeded the warnings from the few of us who tried, and who are no doubt regretting their votes today. The accompanying photograph and the many like it should have been more than enough to stop this neophyte's campaign dead in its tracks, but that didn't happen. One reason could be that too many people are either too young to know about the awful images conjured by the Soviet Revolution or not quite engaged enough to have bothered to learn about that time.

The same excuse may be used for the absence of outrage of so many who saw no cause for alarm over Obama's relationship with William Ayers, or his apparent subscription to the ideas of Saul Alinsky. I guess no one who voted for him believed his own confessions on the campaign trail of his plans to redistribute the wealth, and there were many such confessions both overt and through slips of the tongue. It must also be assumed that Obama's own promises to have talks with leaders who routinely and shamelessly call for America's demise and chant "death to America" were things that were of little concern to his voters.

What truly confounds me today, however, is that there is still this Matrix-like disconnect with far too many Americans despite the fact that Obama, having donned the bright red camouflage, is now also employing a very loud megaphone to declare his intentions to shred the very fabric of the nation. While many on the left complained bitterly about the spending of the previous administration, quite a few on the right joined them, albeit with the qualifier of war spending. But now that this president has basically rounded up every cent in the nation and burned it on the South Lawn, there is not a whimper from the left. How can that be?

The latest signals of the Obama Slash And Burn Doctrine are his latest foreign country tours reminiscent of Connie Francis' I'm Sorry, and the publication of the CIA interrogation memos. It's bad enough that the memos were publicized but, as former vice president Dick Cheney correctly pointed out, the administration was selective in the passages released, neglecting the parts that demonstrated the success of "harsh interrogation practices" having stopped an attack in Los Angeles intended to rival that of September 11th, 2001.

It is mind-boggling to me how any thinking person could possibly construe the actions of this president - all in less than 100 days - as somehow constructive for the nation, unless "constructive" is interpreted as removing every vestige of majesty from the memories of our citizenry and those of the world we have bettered by our existence.

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Silent_Majority said...

You are most persuasive in your argument. It is indeed a revolution in the sense that every thing we have come to hold dear is about to be exhanged for oppresion in the guise of equality. I enjoyed the article and look forward to more. I have added you to my blogroll as well.