Friday, October 2, 2009

False Prophet Falters (Again)

While Rome burned and Tora Bora melted, the self-anointed "messiah" who is Barack Obama felt it his duty to make a pilgrimage to Copenhagen as an emissary for the Holy Land. (That would be Chicago for anyone who might feel compelled to bow to this insolent idol). Trekking to the capitol of Denmark in the hopes of securing that which nearly half of the citizens of Chicago did not want, Obama failed in that endeavor, wasting countless and precious taxpayer dollars in that futile and trivial pursuit.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) apparently was as awestruck by Prince Obama's (Prince of Peas, perhaps?) presence as may be expected of a Hell's Angels rally upon encountering a new arrival on a classic, multi-colored Hot Wheels tricycle. Michelle and Barack Obama's impassioned pleas fell on deaf ears, managing only to remove their consideration in the first round of IOC voting regarding Chicago's hosting of the 2016 Olympics.

Failure seems to be an early and consistent hallmark of this administration. While Obama may be considered successful in getting his policies enacted at record-breaking speed, the results thereof have proven dismal, at best, and potentially disastrous bearing the test of time. This might explain the increasing reticence of a stacked House and Senate to fall in lock-step with this president. The stars were aligned. They had all the votes necessary to enact all of the dreadful dreams of the socialist ideal, and yet they now vacillate and tremble on the trigger.

Promises have been made, and made with great confidence. One has been that if the $787 Billion stimulus was passed in great haste - as is the wont of this neophyte - we would limit the unemployment rate to 8%; we're now at 9.8%. Another was that this would be the most transparent administration in the countries history, but the fact is that this administration makes the previous one seem like a public school meet-the-teacher night.

There was going to be not one single dime in any form of tax increases for any American making less than a quarter of a million dollars per year and yet, we've seen so-called "sin taxes" increase within the very first month of Obama's presidency. His deeds and current words are demonstrably in stark contrast to his campaign rhetoric and still the state-controlled media vomit lies to the masses or refuse to report actualities accurately.

Fortunately, none of these concerted and coordinated efforts give the appearance of bearing fruit as the irony of a liberal creation rot the crop. Al Gore, the "creator of the internet", has made possible the inability of a tyrannical government to gain a foothold. Too many people have access to information that the Obama's of the world wish would remain hidden. And the problem is that while they could shut it all down on a whim, they know that the people would only be enraged and defiant.

Just as false gods throughout history have paid a terrible price for their audacity, so have their willing accomplices and worshipers. While we mortals may never witness the wrath of God on this current cabal of usurpers in charge of the nation, we can most certainly exact our own form of retribution at the polls beginning next year.

Remember, people. Remember.

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Edisto Joe said...

Great post! "False Prophet Falters (Again)"
From a presidential PR standpoint at best it was 50-50 on bringing home the games. The risk of failure far out weighs the gains.
They lost and Obama's stock at home and abroad tanks again. There's plenty of finger pointing inside the White House but the entire world cannot be racist. Those fingers need to point back at them. Their belief that Obama's mere presence or his personality can produce or reflect positive outcome on the international stage is disasterous. Chicago just loses the Olympics but America loses her place and clout at the table of foriegn affairs. The star is fading at home and abroad.

Woody said...

Thanks, EJ.

You'll notice that the finger-pointing is aimed already at the Bush administration. Obama is "fighting an up-hill battle" in trying to undo the damage done by Bush. It would be funny if it were not so sad.