Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Rush To Judgement

Let's set the record straight right from the outset; most of the people who hate Rush Limbaugh have never heard his radio show, save for a handful who have heard clips only. These are the people most vociferous in their opposition to virtually any endeavor the man undertakes, and the people who will suddenly crinkle their faces into a just-ate-a-lemon grimace at the mere mention of his name. So it stands to reason that these uneducated ideologues - the most dangerous type - are so easily manipulated into believing the worst. It's what they want so desperately to believe.

So when Rush was approached by Dave Checketts to partner in a purchase of the St. Louis Rams, so-called "Black leaders" and their liberal supporters sprung into action to prevent a miscarriage of justice. Relying on lies and perceived transgressions falsely attributed to Limbaugh, they quickly mobilized to stop "this racist" from ever owning a professional football team, perhaps primarily because most players are black. Limbaugh warned Checketts of the pending firestorm, but Checketts was confident that the deal would go through. It didn't, the group asked Limbaugh to withdraw, and finally tossed him under the bus when he refused to step down, citing no malfeasance on his part.

The Reverend Al Sharpton ruined the life of Stephen Pagones in 1987. Pagones was an Assistant District Attorney in New York's Dutchess County when a black girl named Tawana Brawley claims she was raped by Pagones. Sharpton poured gasoline on that fire and was later found guilty of not one count of libel, but seven.

The Reverend Jessie Jackson in 1984 called New York City "Hymietown" and Jews "Hymies", a derogatory term for Jewish people. Jackson also tag-teamed with Sharpton in 2006 in the near lynching (yes, I said it) of three white Duke University lacross players accused of raping a black stripper. The story was proved made up and the players acquitted. To date, there has been no apology from either "reverend".

These two men have been responsible for more injuries and property damage through their words than Limbaugh could ever dream of, despite the left trying to pin blame on him for Oklahoma City and Timothy McVeigh. But they have one more common thread, not shared by Limbaugh...they are still free to pursue their dreams without condemnation, whatever those dreams may be. Personally, I find it infuriatingly offensive that I work my fingers to the bone for whatever I have while two "men of God" - who claim to actually own nothing - live such lives of luxury.

When Rush pushed back and dared to see the evidence of his crimes, his accusers backed off only slightly, still insisting that - simply because he's a conservative - he still believed the lies of which he was accused. As we know, Merriam's Dictionary definition of Conservatism = racism. (wink, wink). How odd then, that when Roman Polanski was finally arrested for a 32-year-old rape charge, involving a then-13-year-old girl, his liberal bretheren responded with idiotic comments such as, "it wasn't rape, rape".

Reading the Liberal Handbook For Dummies, it becomes quite clear. A liberal can actually commit an act and later be forgiven for some imaginary, extenuating circumstance while a conservative can be hanged with a mere accusation standing as sufficient. Perhaps Rush would find more comradery with the left if the EIB logo were replaced with a genuine, in-your-face racist symbol and then he can be excused from the leftist's attacks. Maybe a nice bust of Robert Byrd sporting his KKK Grand Poobah regalia.

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