Sunday, October 11, 2009

The New Colors Of War

Special hat-tip to Wild Abandon, who was the genesis for this article.
American history is stained with the blood of men who either wore a blue uniform or a grey one. It was a terrible time when differing ideologies boiled over the edge of the pot, creating an awful mess on the stovetop and an even worse loss of life. We remember with humility brothers fighting brothers, fathers fighting sons. Our nation was nearly torn asunder by that war and yet, we managed to not only survive, but to prosper and heal beyond the imagination of anyone who lived through it.

The Union Army wore blue uniforms while the Confederate Army wore grey, and the battle line was drawn at the Mason-Dixon line, separating North from South. Essentially, this was a clear mark of delineation often crucial to battle planning; the war had an actual "front". Today, we are ever increasingly sliding toward yet another war that will bear no clear line of demarcation, no militarized zones and no boundaries. In essence, we are heading for a free-for-all, a bonafide donnybrook, a brawl.

The combatants will likely wear no coordinated uniforms, but the colors will still adorn the banners that will almost certainly be incorporated for each side. These will obviously be red versus blue; liberal versus conservative or socialist versus those who still cherish the freedom to either succeed or fail, choosing to rely upon their resourcefulness in lieu of a cheap guarantee from a government ill equipped to deliver on the promise.

Soldiers for the socialization of America will be the aggressors simply because of their inherent dependence on others to provide their sustenance. When the well dries and government can no longer derive the necessary funding from it, those who have allowed themselves to be subjugated will become first confused, then hungry, and finally angry and - having long abandoned the ability or desire to fend for themselves - will eventually go seeking life-sustaining resources from those who resisted the original enslavement. Considering the dire circumstances necessary to create such a scenario, it stands to reason that manners will not be part of the process of acquisition.

Sadly, the aggressors cannot be blamed, save for their own ignorance and innocent reverence of a non-existent power self-bestowed by a government that lied to them, but they will still remain a formidable foe that will need to be reluctantly dealt with for the preservation of our country. We find ourselves edging closer to a disaster and a tragedy that could have been easily avoided if only the formerly honorable trade of journalism had retained its integrity.

That duty is now left to kooks like me who must tell the unspeakable truth to whomever will listen (or read). However, I fear the time for intervention is past and the only recourse is a simple warning flare that will alert anyone paying attention to the terrible fact that the bridge is out up ahead. We can't save the structure, but we may save some lives.

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