Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Longest Mile For Cloward-Piven

Forty years ago, back in the 1960's, a pair of Columbia University professors, named Cloward and Piven, developed a strategy of "manufactured crisis" to incrementally move the United States toward a socialist society. The Cloward-Piven Strategy was simple. It reasoned that people would not willingly surrender their lives to ever-increasing government control, but would do so slowly and unwittingly if they were frightened enough.

Democrats - who have historically been the self-proclaimed "champions of the little guy" - enjoyed complete dominance of the legislative branch of the federal government for forty years. In those forty years, they complained about the plight of that same little guy, but never quite managed to deliver on its promises. It was part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy; keep the people hungry and wanting while promising that you would be their savior.

For far too long people believed it thanks to the brilliant rhetoric of the left, who somehow were able to manipulate the masses into blindness. So it became much easier to employ the professors' plan when the Earth began to warm up quite nicely, and boy, did people fall into line. Easily convinced that our way of life - while very enjoyable - was going to come to an ugly end unless we made draconian sacrifices, the creation of an entire sub-culture of self-flagellation was child's' play. Finally, the people were ready to be strictly controlled, mistakenly believing that such an existence was surely better than horribly dying at their own hands.

Enter Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who set the stage for what nearly sealed the deal on world dominance. A compliant media made the sale of this more palatable to the public, who thought that if Reuters and the AP were saying it, it must be true. The debate soon became extremely contentious between the true believers and the deniers, who were immediately cast as heretics and criminals. The perfect storm (pardon the pun) was nearly upon us. Then, something terrible happened.

First, people began to wipe the slumber from their eyes and started to realize that the ultimate culmination of the Democrats plot was an unmitigated disaster. Conservatives took to the streets for the first time in their lives, joined by Independents and even some disgruntled Democrats, to protest the rampant spending and power grabs by a new administration. With the finish line in sight, the wheels began to fall off of the socialist bus. Refusing to concede defeat, the driver limped along on the hubs. Then, the engine blew up.

The linchpin in the plan began to decay like August fruit left in the Sun for too long, which is an appropriate analogy, considering that the Sun is playing such a large role in the ultimate ruination of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Having almost convinced the world that "the debate was over" on man-made global warming, the left thought that it was inevitable that they would take the checkered flag. Oops, sorry.

An ever-increasing number of scientists who at one time were on board the climate change bus - including some IPCC scientists - have come to their senses and have begun to set the record straight. Not only is the debate far from over, but the assumed victor has fallen way behind. (The link provides a wealth of information on the current state of AGW news).

It is always a shame when decades of hard work, dedication and perseverance go up in smoke. I'd like to say I have empathy for the players in the Cloward-Piven game, but I'm not sorry in the least that they are poised to fail in their diabolical scheme to rule over me and you. In fact, I'm giddy over their pending failure.

God bless America!

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