Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Men In The White Coats

While it is undoubtedly heartening to see the American people beginning to stand up and be heard, the fact remains that there are still far too many people with their heads in the sand. A week ago, Rasmussen reported that 56% of Americans were opposed to Obama's health care plan. Yesterday, that opposition dwindled to 50%, a drop of 6 percentage points.

Democrats' slick packaging and obfuscation are largely responsible, and yesterday's Obama photo-op with "doctors" will likely produce a slight bounce, providing the media can successfully conceal the shenanigans that went on there. A group of "doctors" was invited to attend Obama's (latest) speech, but it seems that some of them forgot to bring their white doctor-looking coats. Not a problem; the White House staff just happened to have some laying around, and promptly began handing them out. It would have been such a nice touch if they had some stethoscopes to hand out along with the coats.

It must be argued that - a small minority aside in both camps - the opponents of a disastrous health care overhaul are much better informed than the proponents, many of whom foolishly believe that it will actually be "free health care". Many believe that they will be able to go to the doctor any time they feel ill and not have to consider the cost. They will not be swayed, no matter the evidence offered. And Democrats are counting on creating many more just like them. The doctor coats should be enough evidence of that.

More evidence that something foul is afoot should be easy to spot, even by those who wish so desperately to believe that Democrats have their best interests at heart. Simply look at the Republicans in Congress pushing for your right to read the bill - whatever the final version may be, there are three in the House and two in the Senate - and consider the Democrat-controlled leadership in both chambers fighting hard against that possibility. Then ask yourself why.

Come on, liberals, this isn't rocket science. If Obama can keep complaining that the public is being fed disinformation on his lofty proposals, how can he and Congressional leaders - with straight faces - defend their obvious desire to keep you us from reading what is actually contained within that on which they intend to enact?

I believe that anyone who even attempts to defend such a thing is one who most needs a visit from the men in the white coats.

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