Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Afraid To Fight

Once again, as in the past, the world has become a place fraught with perils and we have a leader who has proven to be fearlessly prepared to confront them. With the advent of lunatics in North Korea and Iran working feverishly to acquire nuclear weaponry, and radical Islamists at the gates of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, the Obama administration has mobilized a coordinated and daring assault on the most dangerous foe of all; Rupert Murdoch.

Showing the same propensity for truth and honor as displayed by the detested British Army during the Revolution - when the British soldiers lined up in bright red uniforms like so many target practice mannequins - so goes the alleged reporting of Murdoch's Fox News, brazenly daring to buck the system by blazing a trail of veracity aimed at informing a hungry populace of the horrors that await them. Murdoch is also a Brit...coincidence?

Yes my friends, just as a decorated general in America's mighty military complex - charged by the very administration that hand-picked him for his expertise with making things right in Afghanistan - is relegated to listening to annoying "hold music" while awaiting a response from his Commander in Chief in regards to his urgent request for more forces, Obama's true warriors have been preoccupied with a much more menacing foe.

This insidious interloper poses a major danger to the machinations of an agenda that the folks who actually voted for Obama would never recognize, and that the people paying attention to their futures would never accept. For a movement that simply cannot abide either side hearing the facts, it becomes clear that a news outlet refusing to toe the line is a greater liability than any threat from beyond America's shores.

When economic ruin not only looms on the horizon but is lured by a leader, and when social apocalypse is likewise pursued, an attack on the messenger is to be expected. In this instance, however, it is beyond belief when the attempts at extinguishing the lone beacon to which the people gaze are not only so blatant, but genuinely encouraged by former beacons that have long since lost their radiance. Times like these are no time for envy.

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn has created quite a buzz by launching an attack on the Fox News network, prompting concerns of mimicking a similar tactic by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Chavez has recently employed the tactic of shutting down media outlets unfriendly to his "administration" by claiming a "need for truth", calling his critics liars. Sound familiar?

The building blocks are numerous for a gigantic muzzle on our information sources with some being already present, while others are being poured at the foundry of Washington at this very moment. The so-called Fairness Doctrine's resurrection is already being bandied about while other measures are mounting under the guise of "truthfulness". This last relates directly to Ms. Dunn's latest comments but also on the grander stage of D.C. politics of late, which have recently resembled more closely an American Middle School cafeteria than the hallowed halls of congress.

This new administration has shown some definite backbone when pushed to the brink. The only problem is that the moxie is aimed at its own constituency rather than at America's foreign enemies. The bigger question is whether America at large and this new president actually share the same enemies. While the question itself may elicit counter questions of maturity from the left, I'd still like an answer.

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