Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is That Coffee I Smell?

I know that tea is the beverage of lore, but coffee is universally symbolic in regard to actually awakening. I know of no commercial that has ever equated the morning with any brand of tea. I believe that the original protest would have been better represented by tossing cans of Chockful-o'-nuts at the British navy, but our ancestors chose tea. Fine, I can live with that. They knew better than we did anyway, right? The answer is obvious...they certainly did. Besides, it's much easier to make a nifty acronym from TEA (Taxed Enough Already) than it is from coffee.

There can be little doubt that - for all of the hand-wringing from the right - Barack Obama has proven to be a great gift. He has brilliantly created an atmosphere perfectly conducive to the propagation of a new generation of patriots. (Trekkies would knowingly refer to this as an "M Class planet" scenario). Combined with the giddy mood of Democrats on the Hill at having "their guy" in the top spot, these idiots have spun out of control so fast that Mario Andretti has been asking, "What was that that just went by?".

So many television commercials for coffee use the theme of waking up that this current gaggle of Democrats in charge should have their own brand. Juan Valdez already has a burro as his symbol, but if they put a hammer and sickle on an ass, I think that the Democrats may escape a lawsuit. Nevertheless, they have a product that has been unquestionably responsible for the renaissance of conservative ideals by ordinary people across the land, people who have traditionally been too busy producing to protest.

I have never seen the mood in this country take on the hue that it presently has, with a widespread distrust of Washington that pervades even a simple flu vaccine. There was once a time when the American populace would line up for a vaccine unquestioningly, comfortable in the notion that their best interests were under consideration and that every effort at safety had been undertaken. In just the past nine months, that faith has been shattered by an administration's haste and a Congressional propensity for dimness.

These authoritarian figures have been like sharks who smelled blood in the water with respect to their social agenda, somehow misreading the tea leaves (I just had to, forgive me) to interpret past complacency as tacit approval of the destruction of our country. What they have succeeded in producing, however, is just the opposite of what they believed. They have only awakened a vast portion of the population who were once reticent to get involved proactively. They have only spawned a new mindset in a people of incredible numbers who will now realize the power that they have always had, but never used.

For that, we should be thankful. Someone on the radio recently opined that McCain would have been a worse choice, and for that was excoriated. I happen to agree with the sentiment, though. Under a McCain presidency, most of the formerly somnambulant would still suffer that malady. Now, however, thanks to the actions of the new bosses, there is a fresh-roasted aroma in the air. Can you smell it?

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1 comment:

Edisto Joe said...

It's brewing up strong. McCain was never going to make it. He and Palin were oil and water. Her's was actually the best vision for America and is the one starting to arise again. Republicans lost their way the past 8 years and the price is being paid. You're right that America is awakening to the mistake and it's time to right the wrong. If certain Republicans need to be taken down with the Democrats, then so be it.