Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Left Keeps Its Shoes On

While it is debatable as to whether or not Nikita Khruschev actually banged his shoe as he shouted, "We will bury you!", I have found no concrete proof either way. That being said, I will continue to believe what I did before I decided to research it. Besides, this isn't about him anyway.

There can be no doubt that the ideologies of the Soviet Union and the United States were diametrically opposed, with the Soviets believing that theirs was the Utopian ideal and detesting capitalism. The Cold War was eventually won by the United States with no shot ever having been fired, true, but the victory was to be short lived. After the Berlin Wall fell followed thereafter by the entire monolith of the former Soviet Empire collapsing in a cloud of dust, we simply turned our backs, content in our assumption that Marxism was dead. Little did we think that there was a soul attached to the "body" of Marxism that - like a person passing away - would be reincarnated in the form of something unrecognizable, while eerily familiar.

Having learned the lesson of overt opposition and animosity's failure, Western leftists have regrouped and continued to carry the baton under an entirely different banner, using completely different tactics. Subtly and successfully restructuring the lexicon of average Americans, the left has created a new and frightfully hegemonic atmosphere that makes resistance nearly impossible and debate futile. Rejecting the alleged shoe-pounding tirade, modern Marxists now pursue their agenda under the guise of tolerance and fairness.

Values that most Americans share still are under relentless attack, such as the desire that immigrants play by the rules. This has succeeded in dwindling the roles of people willing to actually articulate such a desire for fear of being labelled as racist. Feel-good subterfuge such as that deployed by Al Gore and his ilk, propagating the myth that spending huge sums of money will prevent man's destruction of the planet, combined with the insane notion that giving the rest of the money away will actually reverse the damage, has proven to be a most useful strategy.

Al Gore has occasionally strayed from the path, more resembling Khruschev than his more pastel contemporaries, but thus far he has refrained from any footwear faux pas, and it stands to reason that the operatives most invested in the ultimate destruction of America will be watching him closely to ensure that he doesn't ruin things on this go 'round.

By rejecting the openly hostile tactics of the past that failed simply because they were easily identified, the new approach of "flying under the radar" has enjoyed much success. This is because it becomes quite easy to deny any nefarious intent by merely suggesting that the accuser is imagining it. Use a dismissive wave of the hand and a warm smile, and people will likely respond with a relieved sigh and an embarrassed chuckle. And the Trojan Horse rolls on unimpeded.

The Marxists have infiltrated our schools and universities, extolling the "virtues" of that which they themselves pursued in their youths, where free sex reigned and morals were to be wantonly discarded as archaic. Protecting the sanctity of truly innocent life such as the unborn has been supplanted by eliminating the stigma of wrongdoing in the hopes of saving the damned instead.

Most people would rally to America's defense violently were she to suffer an attempted mass invasion, but they have been conditioned to accept the slowly rising tide of those who flood our shores as a lunar tide. The left learned well the lesson of the frog and the boiling pot. Legend has it that if you place a frog in a pot of water and slowly heat the water he will sit and cook, but if you throw the same frog into an already boiling pot, he will immediately attempt to escape.

This is a very deliberate and patient enemy and I fear that they are winning. While there are still many amongst us who have the ability to recognize the late "Grandpa Marx" in the form of that new Pit bull puppy, I fear that the accomplices in the media are transforming more and more of us into those relieved and embarrassed sighers every day.

For my kids' sakes, I pray that I'm wrong.

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Sunflower Ranch said...

Well said! The trick here is to share your beliefs with the masses who could give a rat's tail about "politics" when it's so much easier for them to play Guitar Hero or watch YouTube videos or crawl in the sack with a willing partner. After all, isn't the pursuit of pleasure one of our rights?? They don't care about this old fogey stuff of freedom, the Constitution, and American values. Once the Marxists have exercised their now considerable control over all that we have cherished for over two centuries, it may be too late. The old folks, the traditionalists, and the odd ball youngsters who see the difference and fear it, will be eliminated -- either directly or indirectly through the benevolence of the US Gov. Now is the time to stand and be heard. Keep up the great work!! God help us put a stop to this nightmare.

lot 2 learn said...

I like the Frog example, It is right on the mark.
But There are still a group of folks that are not mush brained, that do pay attention to what happens.
What we are waiting for, is when do we stop listening, and when do we start doing something ?