Sunday, October 26, 2008

Channeling Jeremiah Wright

Caveat lector: While I do understand that the channeling of a living person is not possible - even as I do not subscribe to the notion of channeling at all - at the time of this writing I was lacking for a better word. Somehow, "parroting" just didn't seem to make the grade.

For anyone who has trouble understanding the message from Jeremiah Wright through the screaming, rasping delivery he employs, help is here. While Obama has claimed that he was not aware of some of the more radical views of his mentor, Rev. Wright, there is new audio of Barack Obama from 1995 speaking about the societal ills of America, and he sounds like a calmer, if not any more articulate, version of the man to whom he has listened for more than twenty years.

It would appear that Obama listened much more intently through those years than he has admitted. The message was instilled on him in 1995, and he has been attending Rev. Wright's "sermons" for an additional thirteen years since. One must wonder how much more he has absorbed in that time.

What is of paramount interest here is the fact that Obama has been, and continues to be, someone with a narrow agenda who wants to run the most ethnically diverse country on the planet. An all-inclusive administration seems a futile hope under a President Obama. It stands to reason that someone will be left out in the cold.

Who do you suppose that may be?

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