Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Making Of A Kook

I'll get right to the point; to make one appear crazy requires little more than simply ignoring what he has to say. All the mainstream media has to do is not report on a particular story and it becomes a fringe element as if by magic. The Watergate break-in by associates of Nixon could have been a meaningless blip had Woodward and Bernstein chosen to pooh-pooh the entire affair, but they thought - correctly, I might add - that the Constitutional violations were too great to ignore.

Suddenly, however, the media doesn't seem to regard the Constitutional requirements to become President as relevant, as is the case with the Philip Berg federal lawsuit alleging that Obama does not, indeed, meet those requirements. One would think - no, expect - that a media with an ounce of journalistic curiosity would vigorously investigate these charges, if for nothing else but to speed their candidate to exoneration. That has not been the case, however.

Perhaps there is more to this than one would like to believe as it has become apparent that the efforts are all geared toward hoping that the story simply vanishes. Obama and the DNC are fighting the suit by Berg in the courts, and again there seems to no "there" there, and outright denial appears to be sufficient. Berg has a video on YouTube that seems rather forthright. It can be viewed below:

I encourage anyone reading to watch the entire ten minutes, and then think about why there is virtual silence in the mainstream media regarding this federal lawsuit. The very resistance by the Obama camp and the DNC should be cause enough to warrant a closer inspection of the facts, but again, that is not the case. The tactic has proven quite effective as anyone who has occasioned to discuss this with an Obama supporter can attest.

One person can be absolutely correct, but if nineteen say otherwise, then the one righteous individual is regarded as a kook. Likewise, if a willing media refuses to participate in a transparent examination of these charges, it becomes all the more easy to dismiss them as baseless, and to continue to make assertions such as Berg has been doing only relegates him to the realm of crazy zealot.

I, for one, do not believe that to be true, but I am sadly among the one-in-twenty who think that way.

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Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder about the accusations of Larry Sinclair! He sure has a lot of proof and definitely can prove violence and threats etc made against him by the Obama camp.