Friday, October 31, 2008

The Common Thread In Obama's Sordid Associations

Anti-Obama groups have been all over the map in attempts to portray him as a bad man because of his associations with bad people. The first line of defense for Obama was that he didn't really know these people very well. Or that - in the case of William Ayers - the acts of the latter were perpetrated when the former was a mere lad. Obama issued a lukewarm rebuke of what he called Ayers' "deplorable acts". Swell.

When the Obama tactic of claiming little more than a passing awareness of Ayers was slowly whittled down to actuality, the game plan shifted into pointing out that Ayers is now a "respected" and tenured professor at UIC*. Now, with only four days before the election and Obama in the "lead", the game plan is to kill the clock.

The good news is, we still have all of our time-outs left and they're pinned deep in their own end. We may get the ball one more time but we must clamp down on defense. Let's go...

Rashid Khalidi is another character in Obama's life, and another whom he has tried to disavow. Obama foes focused solely on the Ayers connection may see Khalidi as a side note or a fork in the road, but he fits quite nicely in Obama's circle of friends, for here is the common thread; anti-Israel activities and beliefs. The picture of Obama speaking before an audience at AIPAC is just delicious. It is the wolf speaking at a sheep convention.

Rashid Khalidi is a Palestinian mouthpiece and one who views the existence of Israel
as a naqba (catastrophe). William Ayers also holds extremely anti-Israel views. And Obama has been very close with them both. Despite the LA Times withholding a video of Khalidi's farewell (from UIC) dinner - which Obama attended and spoke at - more information is available that makes such a tape moot anyway.

From Campus

Rashid Khalidi was the director of the PLO's press agency WAFA from 1976 to 1982, at a time when the PLO was conducting a massacre of 37 Israeli civilians in a bus on Israel's coastal road, the brutal murder of a four-year-old Israeli girl in Nahariya, and numerous other terrorist killings of Israeli civilians. The PLO was also waging a brutal war against the Lebanese Christian community during this period, and carried out numerous massacres of Lebanese Christians; the worst of these was the killing of about 500 people in the village of Damour.

And then this:
...Obama gave Khalidi a glowing eulogy. He said that he and his wife Michelle had been frequent dinner guests of the Khalidis, and that the Khalidis had frequently babysat for the Obama children.

The only people I ever allowed to watch my children were family members or people that I trusted implicitly, never people with whom I was casually acquainted. Another example of either Obama's judgement or veracity, i.e, did he know the Khalidis more intimately than he led us to believe, or did he entrust his young children to a person with whom he was only vaguely familiar? More importantly, is either instance indicative of the type of person who should be trusted to be America's leader?

As for Ayers and his views on Israel, I offer more from Campus Watch:
Less well known are Ayers' extremely anti-Israel views. Here are some samples of his comments about the Arab-Israel conflict on his web blog: "In modern times, the founders of Israel used terrorism against the British and the Palestinians; the Palestinians use terrorism against Israel; and Israel currently employs terror in the service of settlement and occupation;"

I write this in a last-ditch effort to make people aware of what they may inflict upon themselves on November 5th, and what they may wake up to on January 21st. But it is also an indictment of the entire liberal mindset and their myopia where forgiveness - or forgetfulness - is concerned. Allowing enemies of America to become teachers of her youth is an abomination unto itself. Subsequently using the respected status bestowed upon them as validation of their hatred for the country that made it all possible is infuriating.

Obama may just become our ruler - a description I use by no accident - in four days, in spite of his associations with enemies of America.

Should Charles Manson ever receive his much-coveted parole, Howard Dean should be worried. Manson may find his niche as Chairman of the DNC.

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Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing is that they may get away with it. If they do, all I can say is that perhaps the American people desperately needed this WAKE UP CALL. After all, this generation has been spoiled beyond worldly description. Maybe a little blood for the tree of liberty is just what the doctor ordered. Sadly, all they needed to do was actually study some real history. Shame.