Monday, October 27, 2008

Credibility Is Paramount

Credibility Is Paramount

Here we are, 3 years and 51 weeks into this election, and we are still being told the key issues are not being addressed. Everyone wants to talk about the economy and who has the best plan to bring us out of the crisis. But, don’t you have to be able to trust your candidate to be open and up front with you?

I’ve heard over and over for the past month from our overdone media that McCain is off message. That he isn’t addressing the problems that the country faces. Not True! McCain has addressed every issue from taxes to healthcare, to our need for military victory. But, he is also addressing something far more important. We have to be able to trust our leaders. We all know politicians are known to bend the truth, and even hide the truth from time to time. There is no disputing that. I’m sure McCain has his own baggage along that line. But one thing McCain does not have is a long line of friends that have proven they are anti-American by their actions.

How many times does Barack Obama have to be asked to please explain his relationships with them? He doesn’t want to. He says they are in the past. Are they? Just this year, he was still attending the church of Jeremiah Wright, who G D’s America at every opportunity. If you didn’t buy into that mindset, would you sit in a pew in his church for almost 20 years? Nobody made Obama stay there. Obama defended Wright countless times, until Wright stepped over the line, and got cocky at the press club breakfast. Then there’s Rezko. He has his own story of corruption, and is now in prison. But, until his relationship with Rezko became headline news, Obama was still buds with him. And what about Ayers? Yes what about him, Obama? He had the gall on the final debate to try to sell the public that Ayers just lived in the neighborhood, and Ayers actions took place when Obama was just a boy. What kind of idiots does Obama take us for? It’s already been proven Obama kicked off his initial intro into politics in the living room of Ayers. People don’t do that for strangers. So why is it, that the media and so many of the public don’t care about Obama’s credibility? He clearly has none. How can we ever trust a word he says, or put forth the trust of our entire nation into his hands?

Just this month, a federal judge gave Obama 30 days to present his official birth certificate. He did not comply. Instead of holding Obama in contempt, he dismissed the case. Who really knows where Obama was born. It’s his maternal grandmother’s word, against his paternal grandmother’s word, who says she was right there, when he was born in Kenya. Never mind the constitution, which requires any presidential candidate to be a valid Natural born citizen. Now, all of the sudden after Obama's quick little trip over to Hawaii to visit his ailing Grandmother, his birth certificate has been sealed by the govenor. Why?

Without trust, none of the other issues matter. They can say whatever they want, including promising the sun, the moon and the stars, and even that they can cure all, and Obama is doing just that. Without credibility we really won’t know who’s coming home to roost.


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