Monday, October 27, 2008

An Open Letter To Senator Obama

An Open Letter To Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama,

You want me to vote for you for president. Well, I need to know everything I can possibly know about you, if you want me to entrust you with all of the powers that come with the oval office.

Why is it that you feel it is not my business to know everything about your background, and your friendships and associates. You and your campaign have called those kinds of questions dirty campaign tactics. I call them necessary information, for an informed voter. Nothing you do, or have ever done should be “off limits”, as far as my vote is concerned. I don’t want short answers, I want details. I want to know who and what you were doing everything with, ever since your high school years. I want to see your original birth certificate, you college thesis, and I want to know every organization you have belonged to, and contributed to. I want to see your original birth certificate. Why is it now sealed? Do you have something to hide?

You are a great speaker, and you have told us all that you are going to make change for the better, yet I have not ever heard you detail any of your plans, or explanations for what better is. I would like to know why you think we should give our government more power, when even you know how our congress has terribly abused the process, and exceeded all reasonable spending on projects that have nothing whatsoever to do with the running of a national government. I want you to explain to my why we should move further and further away from our constitution, which is the rock this nation was founded on. And while you are at it, will you please show me where in our constitution it says the government shall provide anything for any citizen, other than the defense of foreign threats?

You speak of the need for a strong military, but I would like to know why you did not ever feel the desire to serve our country in one of our armed forces?

You insist now, that the economy is the most important issue on the table, but where were you when it was time to reign in the people in congress that were promoting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when they were paying their executives millions, while they were running banks bankrupt? Why can you not say now, that the the most important thing our congress can do to help the situation, is freeze all spending, other than the necessary budget it costs to keep our military prepared, our government running, and our infrastructures sound? Do you not think this is a real crisis?

I have many more questions about your healhtcare plan. You say you want everyone to have the same exact coverage you have as a senator, but just exactly how do you intend on paying for that, without running more businesses overseas, by taxing them out of business? Do you not realize we are in a crisis, as you keep reminding us? So, where is all of this money going to come from?

One more thing, Senator, before I can even try to seriously consider you as a candidate. You helped organize ACORN. That is already on the record. You have given ACORN money. You now must know, even if you didn’t before, about their illegal operations in buying multiple voting registrations for people, so why have you not yourself denounced them, and demanded a full and complete investigation.

You need to hurry, Senator. You only have a few days left to clear up these doubts in the minds of millions of hard working, tax paying citizens out here just like me, that have so many questions as to just what exactly you are all about, and why you haven’t given us full and complete disclosure. If you cannot be upfront and honest, I will have no other choice, than to vote for your opponent, who's life is an open book.

Jane The Retailer

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