Saturday, October 18, 2008

Of What My Grandfather Warned

It was the mid-60's, and I really had no idea what was going on around me as far as the world stage was concerned. My main pursuits, especially in summer, lay mainly in that which was most sought by my peers: playing all day. I do remember vividly, however, what I thought then were boring, eye-rolling diatribes administered by my grandfather about the fall of America, and how it would all come crashing down around me not by a beach-head invasion that our soldiers were unable to repel (something I couldn't possibly envision anyway), but by my very own neighbors, which was even more incomprehensible to me at that age, hence the eye-rolling, bangs-blowing impatience to go back out to play.

As I have grown older, I have subscribed more and more to the notions of that man whom I still miss after nearly 40 years, but it has still been a long and winding road to where I know stand, trembling. The ideas he had implanted in my mind were always there and yet were always a bad dream that I pushed back as simply too ludicrous to entertain seriously. Now, though, the closet door has cracked open as I struggled to sleep, and of its own volition. Now, I am wide awake and sleep is an impossibility as I lay soaking the sheets with perspiration even as I shiver.

Michelle Malkin's Hot Air had an article today which included many video presentations that have only added to my angst, which is barely countered by my pride in my grandfather's prescience, and which is a bittersweet vindication and therefore little solace to my insomnia. The lefties are winning.

William Ayers is touted by the Obama people, and society in general, as a "respected university professor", despite his past as a self-described enemy combatant of America. Here, you can listen to what he is likely "teaching" to your college darlings:

Ayers speaks of having open eyes for the first time and seeing a world that could be. He then goes on to say that he loves "the slogan from the World Social Forum".

"Another world is possible".

Perhaps this is why Obama can successfully deflect criticism of Ayers while simultaneously marking him as toxic to the campaign. The media will never ask why, if this cretin is such a respected member of the UIC, Obama doesn't embrace him outwardly. They know the answer, and they are complicit in the "dreams of my grandfather".

The enemy has not only entrenched itself without our knowledge, they did so while we vigilantly scanned the shores for Peter Benchley's Jaws. It was the Hollywood enabling factor. How cunning.

As for Ayers views of burning streets, I for one would rather fight through the flames of burning streets to preserve our way of American life than to succumb to the placid serenity of a snow covered landscape reminiscent of the wintry streets of Soviet Moscow.

We have two weeks to go. May God be merciful. God bless America.

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