Saturday, October 4, 2008

Desensitized To Media Bias

Here we go again; the main stream media refuses to call a democrat out on blatant lies, miscues, and statements that - if made by a republican - would be assailed as racist. And the practice is so pervasive now that it's barely perceptible to the casual reader. People glibly accept everything they read in the newspaper or what they hear from the nightly news talking heads or, worse yet, from shows like The View.

All the coverage lately has been focused on Sarah Palin's interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson and the allegedly awful performances she offered up. I say allegedly because while viewers all saw for themselves, they were not treated to the interviews in their entirety. Much of Palin's commentary was left on the cutting room floor and so we saw only what Gibson and Couric wanted us to see. It's no wonder that she appears so much better when we see her in full context, at the debate and in her RNC speech.

When the full transcript of the Gibson interview is read, and one sees the comments by Palin that were edited out, a whole new picture emerges, and the blatant hatchet job perpetrated by Gibson on Palin becomes clear. While many viewers were either stunned or pleasantly surprised by Palin's magnificent performance at the debate, I'll bet that Gibson was not at all surprised.

Regarding Joe Biden, we're always told how smart he is by the media and also by himself, so when he makes gross mistakes like thinking that FDR was on TV in 1929, no one says a word about it. When he doesn't know the difference between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, it doesn't get a mention, but the media goes apoplectic when Palin won't divulge her reading list.

Then there are the fourteen lies that Biden told during the debate. Number five in the list deals with Biden's claim that he's always supported clean coal. But in this video, he's heard clearly telling an environmentalist in Ohio that he doesn't support clean coal and says, "No coal in America."

No major media outlets care about the blatant lies and distortions of the Democrats and they don't care to investigate any aspect of Obama's life despite the fact that there is much we don't know about him. He just gets a pass.

The mainstream media's claims of journalistic neutrality is a joke that most people don't seem to get. They just assume that if the media doesn't report it, it must not be important, and they don't even realized they're being lied to, which is an injustice that will, obviously, never be reported.

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