Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama's Tax Plan And The U.S.S.A.

In the final Presidential debate on Wednesday night from Hofstra University in New York, John McCain touched on something that almost went unnoticed. When discussing tax cuts, Obama engaged in not only some revisionist speech, re-stating in different terms things he had said as recently as a few days before, but he also made claims that are disconcerting, at best, and frightening at worst. McCain astutely pointed out at one point that one has to listen very carefully to what Obama says because his smooth eloquence has an hypnotic effect that causes the actual message to become secondary. Very well said, indeed.

Obama continually makes the claim that his plan is to cut taxes for ninety-five percent of working Americans, a nice message that becomes all the more palatable when delivered in such soothing tones as Obama's. People believe it. Consider, however, that roughly forty percent of working Americans pay no income taxes and one has to ask the question; will those forty percent thus receive a free check from an Obama government? That sounds suspiciously like a Marxist philosophy, taking money from upper income folks and "spreading the wealth".

Joe Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe The Plumber", was told flat out by Obama that spreading the wealth is good for everybody. Obama also did not refute Joe's assertion that he was going to be taxed at a higher rate if he bought the plumbing business where he has been employed. He acknowledged that Joe would be taxed at a higher rate while saying that he "didn't want to punish him".

Yet, at the debate, Obama tried to spin what he said to Joe into something else. He claimed that what he actually told Joe was that he needed tax cuts five years ago, when he was struggling to scrape up the money to buy the business. Again, not true, as evidenced by the fact that now, five years later, Joe is ready to buy the business without any help from an Obama "tax cut". To make matters worse, Obama may stand in the way of Joe seeing his dream come to fruition.

Combined with Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, saying that they want to take money and put it into the pockets of middle class Americans, I can see no other moniker than the U.S.S.A. in our future. Welfare has been a target of politicians on both sides of the aisle in the past decade, but now Obama wants to pass go and begin taxing upper income people and issuing checks to lower income people? It's not even welfare. It's redistribution of wealth.

No thank you.

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