Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Drumbeat Of Futility

It would appear from the polls that John McCain has almost no chance of victory on election day. Barack Obama is busy preparing his coronation stage and the victory orgy to follow that event. Media outlets gleefully trumpet the prospect of a glorious November 4th while futilely continuing the pretense of objectivity.

The effect is palpable on the the general electorate hoping for a McCain triumph. Republicans, Conservatives and anyone else vehemently opposed to the advent of President Obama wear a mask of doom and an air of gloom. It is the desired effect of the Obama disciples. A war of attrition without any bloodshed.

It is a tactic used historically to remove or diminish the spirit to fight in one's opponent. If enough people are convinced that victory is beyond their capability, they will simply surrender or flee.

Attila The Hun was notorious for this. Having his fearsome reputation preceding him, he was able to announce boldly when and where he was about to strike, which had an instant, albeit somewhat tepid, effect on the inhabitants of the target. That was stage one of the plan. He would then have his army encircle the fortress or village at a distance conducive to sound but limited sight, and camp for days while having his drummers beat the war sound day and night. The terror this instilled in those who were not convinced on the announcement of imminent attack alone did the trick. Many would flee the city to save themselves from certain horror.

On many occasions, when Attila finally invaded, there were few left inside, and the ones who stayed to plead for mercy were often stunned at the size of the invading army. Had the rest stayed to fight, it was entirely possible that they could have repelled the attack, but now it was too late.

The lesson here is clear. If everyone decides to avoid the polling place to spare themselves the "inconvenience of voting in vain", it will mean certain defeat on November 4th. If we allow the constant drumbeat of the pollsters to invade our collective psyches and the election is close anyway, we will be left wearing the same look of bewilderment that the remaining villagers wore when Attila's small army rode into the center of town.


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