Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nero Resins Up His Bow

As election day draws near - and if polls are to be believed - more than half of the American electorate is poised to change America. What is most ironic is the demographic that puts a very large portion of that half in the "recent immigrant" category. "Recent immigrant" is a term meaning up to a generation. These are relatively new citizens of the country, and odds are they either came here or were brought here by parents for a reason; a better life than they had from whence they came.

I classify people opposed to the American way of life in two categories:
Group One: People who are either too busy running their own countries into the ground, or people who are the victims and prisoners of the former.

Group Two: Leftists who are citizens of this country that insist that we emulate foreign ways and laws in spite of the fact that immigrants come here to avoid those ways and laws.

What I find maddening is the fact many refugees from group one overwhelmingly end up voting for the candidates produced by group two. Even more puzzling is how foreign pundits are able to see this when many of us cannot. Regarding the impending coronation of Barack Obama, Melanie Phillips of the UK's Spectator asks a good question: Is America really going to do this? In this excerpt, she acknowledges a level of discomfort with McCain, but explains quite adequately why Obama would be worse.

Here’s why. McCain believes in protecting and defending America as it is. Obama tells the world he is ashamed of America and wants to change it into something else. McCain stands for American exceptionalism, the belief that American values are superior to tyrannies. Obama stands for the expiation of America’s original sin in oppressing black people, the third world and the poor.

Anyone who claims that America is perfect is a liar but there can be no argument that it is the most desired destination for a new life. Perfection is the goal of a fool, for without Divinity, it is virtually unachievable. Likewise, a purely logical outlook is not possible, no matter the desire of he who seeks it. From Bill Whittle:

I recently visited a website that featured a picture of Star Trek�s Mr. Spock, with the caption: My hero! Someone who thinks his way out of trouble! The implication, of course, is that force and violence are universally to be rejected and despised as unworthy of thinking people (or Vulcans).

Well bucko, Spock carried a phaser as well as a tricorder, and he used it when he had to. If the Star Trek future represents a hope for our species at its most reasonable and open-minded best, it would be well to remember that the Enterprise carried a hell of a lot of photon torpedoes because the cause of human decency cannot be advanced if all the decent humans lie dead.

To the many who scorn the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution as the dangerous plaything of illiterate, mindless oafs who enjoy loud noises, let me simply refer you to that great unbiased and incorruptible teacher: History.

And yet here we stand, on the precipice of a new day in America. Again, if polls are to be believed, we are about to change America forever and yank the rug out from under all those who came here for the American dream. It will be a bitter pill to swallow for those who suffered on their journey to this land. I just hope they don't take out their collective frustrations on the wrong people. I also pray that this post is in no way prophetic of the burning of Rome. I want Nero to have wasted his time.

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Anonymous said...

There is a scent of truth that when first detected, reminds of doom. Remember, it is the violence of birth that begins the new way of life. I am as concerned about the future as any. However, it is the future we are being dragged into that matters. We can either sit in disbelief or we can move with purpose to correct it's course.
Americans always do the right thing. After all other alternatives have been exhausted. Winston Churchill.