Friday, August 7, 2009

Chicago's Urban Sprawl: The 21st Century American Civil War

You could smell it in the air, like the scent of ozone from a rapidly approaching electrical storm. Red-state Americans - who for too long took more seriously their daily obligations of providing for their families over being political activists - have been trampled on one too many times. While that big dog on the porch knows that his duty of guarding his master's house is fulfilled by his mere presence, despite his obvious inertia, when poked with a stick a sufficient amount of times, he will fore go his sedentary state to respond.

What we are seeing now is a massive storm front that has migrated East from Chicago and settled over Washington, D.C. Our new president has begun to shed the sleek packaging bestowed upon him during the campaign - a successful marketing strategy - for the comfort of his own skin, and as the layers peel away, more and more people are beginning to recoil in horror. I struggle mightily to resist the urge to say, "I told you so".

Early successes for the administration, such as the stimulus package and the House passage of cap and trade, have only emboldened Obama. What this has done, however, is make him so confident that he has moved ahead of his cover fire, stepping from the shadows and exposing his nefarious agenda perhaps a little more quickly than either he - or his handlers - had intended.

There is a bounty of irony in this situation, as the agents of America's ultimate demise cry foul at the Tea Party and town hall conservatives' participation in exercising their rights to free speech. When Democrats send out talking point memos and register the deceased to actually vote in general elections, it is blithely defended as "community organizing". When Republicans respond in kind, Democrats suddenly shriek for a rule change, all the while sending out...talking point memos decrying the activities of the Republicans.

Not satisfied with a counter message in the media, the Democrats and the administration itself are actually packing the town hall meetings with supporters to counter the protests of genuine Americans with a grievance. It won't take long for the situation to get very ugly, but that may also be part of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi plan. Since the method of destroying America has always been one of orchestrated chaos, these transformers are not the least bit concerned about who gets hurt, so long as they get their way.

The polls show that a majority of Americans are opposed to universal health care, and yet these alleged servants of the people continue to forge ahead with their plans to inflict it on us anyway. When we dare to speak up, they recruit minions to intimidate us. We are way beyond the point of intimidation. And as they continue to recruit large men to bully us at these functions, there can be no doubt that our own large men will find their way into the fray. Escalation always begins this way.

While Chicago politics may have successfully been imported into Washington, they will never penetrate the insular walls of any red state. And when the conflict morphs beyond simple physical prowess and stature, my money is all down on the true patriots and constitutional adherents in this country.

Sometimes folks just don't understand the simple concept of letting sleeping dogs lie.

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