Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Living In The Matrix

I'm going to show you a video from 2003. After you're done watching and listening, I'm going to tell you that you didn't see it and didn't hear it. That is the tactic that Obama and his minions use today. If we let them succeed, it is at our own peril.

Obama has turned to the internet to attack Matt Drudge, using Linda Douglass, White House Office of Health Reform communications director, to try to convince people that what Obama has said - on numerous occasions - is not what he said. Drudge, in return, posted this video on his site - The Drudge Report - purposefully mentioning that it is uncut. So here we go:

He didn't plainly say that he wants universal health care, and he didn't say and repeat that he wants to acheive a single payer system. There must have been wax in your ears, but don't bother running for the syringe and the Q-Tips™ because no matter how times you play that video back, you will mis-hear Obama, every time.

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