Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama's Divinity Revoked

Divinity may only be revoked by man when it is first manufactured by him.

It would appear that Barack Obama, the darling of the media and what was billed to be an overwhelming majority of liberal Americans, is shedding support faster that a barnacle-laden whale who manages to somehow leap into the stream of a powerful fire hose. So confident was he that the Saul Alinsky playbook was coming to fruition - and with such ease - that Obama's momentum carried him just a bit too far out of the water, exposing his underbelly to a torrent much greater than the normal currents of motion.

While the people complained bitterly about the rampant spending of the administration and its "stimulus bill", all too often the plaintive wails were muted, conducted in the undercurrent of emails, and arrogantly derided by a leftist machine when they took on the form of actual protests, e.g., the Tea Parties. It wasn't until the allied forces of the Democrats, in what is ostensibly the two most powerful branches of government - the Legislative and the Executive - began to threaten a brazen overhaul of the American health care system, that the people rose up and finally spoke.

Unable to quell the passion of the Town Hall protesters through derision - a classic Alinsky tool, I might add - the administration tried its hand at outright tyrannical measures, setting up a website for people to "snitch" on other people opposed to the coming debacle. When that attempt at suppression through fear succeeded only in stoking the fire in its intended target, the administration realized that it had perhaps bitten off more than it could chew.

The electorate in America has historically been more than willing to give benefit of the doubt to its leaders, whether they voted for a candidate or not, and Obama and his people misread a relatively placid political landscape as ignorance on issues and easy acquiescence to "ideas". They thought that it would either be easy to blast a heinous proposal by us like a Mariano Rivera fast ball or, at the least, brush us off the plate. Neither happened, and it threw the president into a tailspin. While he has been giddily swinging away at softballs, tossed underhand by schoolgirls, the conservative movement has faced him on the mound, dug their cleats in and battled, forcing 20 pitches per batter.

Ordinary citizens have accomplished an extraordinary feat, all without an ounce of blood being spilled. They have derailed a disastrous agenda while battling upstream against the onslaught of Obamania, and the tide of it is ebbing. Once eager to "pass it and pass it fast", the Democrats have succumbed to the resistance they have met, and not only have pushed back the debate until after recess, but have begun to amend the bills currently under consideration.

*Interesting side note: After they scoffed at the Sarah Palin claim of "death panels", the Democrats have removed that provision from the proposal. I would love to hear an explanation of how something that was purported to not exist could then be removed.

Coupled with the increasing number of people declaring themselves to be more conservative, I must offer my hearty congratulations to you, the American People, for your moxie and intense love of country. At first I was petrified that Obama was gong to steamroll us all before we realized we were flattened cartoon characters. Now, with the additional news that the snitch site has been disabled, I feel hope for the first time since November 4th.

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JEROL said...

Are you sure you haven't declaired victory prematurely?

Woody said...

I haven't declared "Mission Accomplished", simply a victory in one skirmish.

Wait...that sounds familiar.