Friday, August 28, 2009

As Betsy Ross Cries

I saw a video today, posted by a friend I have only met once, that was one of the most stunning displays of our nation's decline that I have ever seen. And while I was outraged by the attitude of the officer in this video, I must also confess that I am no longer surprised by it. The only reason that I even write about it, however, is for the simple fact that it was an officer of the law who flaunted such a blatant disregard for the constitution, which he acknowledged was the document he was sworn to uphold.

I have long ago become desensitized to the infuriating ignorance of not the garden variety of Obama voter, but of those who still refuse to admit the error of their ways. I have already forgiven the voters who have realized - without outside coercion - that theirs was a grave mistake. Additionally, I have begun - perhaps all too optimistically - to consider this fiasco in which we find ourselves as a necessary evil, while bending my knee in the hope that the lesson does not cost more than its worth.

Getting back to the video, though, is an exercise in the cold-water realization that we are not merely subjected to the whims of a thin majority of ordinary voters, people who have been fed a steady diet of propaganda and have voted for the first time in their lives, based on lies. Nor can racial motivations be blamed, for many of the plaintive voices of late have been those of "color".

No, what frightened me the most about this video is a combination of the words uttered coupled with the person who uttered them, a law enforcement officer who is allegedly learned in the...LAW! Watch for yourself and make your own determination...

It may be argued that the officer, obviously exasperated by his encounter with a well-behaved and knowledgable protester, was utilizing his training in dealing with just such a situation. The argument could also be made that that officer needs a refresher course in conflict resolution and constitutional law. Perhaps he is more accustomed to the violent mind in a crowd, and I have no doubt as to his capability in such a scenario, but I also question his mental acumen when confronted with a well-equipped citizen, armed with information rather than incendiary devices.

The worst outcome of this encounter, however, is the exposure of a deep-seated belief in a reality manufactured and not borne of actual reality, an ideology fabricated by an educational system based on fantasy rather that fact. I would prefer to classify it as a "reality" based more on desire than environment, what is wished for rather than what actually is. It has become the goal of the liberal to create his own reality rather than adapt to what God has given him, and it has caused a rip in the fabric of society, evidenced by this tragic display.

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