Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Whose Side Are They On?"

Let's clear one important thing up right now before we go any further. The pompous self-righteousness of the left would be comical if it were not so appalling, regarding the "harsh interrogation techniques" that Attorney General Holder is about to re-investigate. We're told that so-called "Jack Bauer" tactics don't work except on television, but those tactics would be used by any one of them - forgive the pun, liberally - if the detainee had their child locked away somewhere and they were fortunate enough to capture the SOB, and I'm willing to bet that no quarter would be given in the pursuit of knowledge necessary to save that child.

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford, NY) was incensed by this news and told The Politico so in no uncertain terms, basically echoing the point made in the previous paragraph. He said that it made one wonder "whose side are they on"? I agree.

Shameless displays of hypocrisy are a common trait of the liberal, simply because they rely on outrageous denial even in the face of damning evidence. For example, Howard Dean was taped on a show the other day saying that Republicans are out to undermine the president and, therefore, are out to undermine the country. When confronted about that by Griff Jenkins of Fox News, Dean simply lied and denied that he had said that; emphatically, I might add. Here is Dean's quote:

This Republican Party is — this shrinking Republican Party is just determined to undermine President Obama and unfortunately you have to undermine the country in order to undermine the president. I think that's too bad.
And here is the video of that original quote and subsequent lie:

The irony - to get back to the Democrats sudden disdain for the CIA - lies in the history of their former outrage over the Valerie Plame affair. Heads had to roll as a result of her alleged "outing" because the Democrats simply could not stand to see an agent exposed or damaged in any way. Now, however, they want to lynch the lot of them over claims that they were mean to terrorists. Perhaps someone should remind the American public that the Speaker of the House is the one to ask just how mean the CIA has been to murderous scum. Then we'll see just how quickly this witch hunt evaporates. Just a hunch...

While the Democrats wage war on liberty in America under the guise of benevolence, ordinary people - who have had their fill of the systematic trampling of constitutional protections - have begun to awaken and fight back. So far, the "revolution" has been peaceable enough, if not rambunctious, but as the people who are elected to serve and represent us continue to treat us as mere subjects, the recollection of the original Revolution is dragged further from the bottom of the ocean of history. And the more these elitist cretins denigrate the people by suggesting that their outrage is insincere, the more sincere that outrage becomes.

I mentioned in another piece that Democrats have a propensity towards self-harm; the events unfolding before us could not more perfectly illustrate that case. So completely have they lost touch with the realities the rest of us face on a daily basis, that they believe the propaganda regurgitated by their own state-run media, and refuse to accept as genuine the mood of the people, at their own peril.

I was just recently and rhetorically asking a colleague why he thought that the Republicans were so silent on the machinations of the controlling Democrats. I have since begun to believe that they are actually letting the fish take the line. America has been compared to ancient Rome in numerous tomes and opinion pieces, my own included, wherein we are destined to follow her ruination. Perhaps it is inevitable at some point in the future, but I doubt now that this is the time, and I am somewhat heartened at that notion.

Ordinary Romans - while having a system similar to ours - were still, at the end, subjects of the emperor, and too fearful to mount any sort of actual resistance. From what I have seen of late in small towns across America, I do believe that the power is still consolidated in the People by more than half. If we let that balance slip, it is our doom.

That must never be allowed to happen.

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