Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Shoe's On The Other Foot

For as long as I can remember liberal democrats held a monopoly on protests, sit-ins, marches and demonstrations as most conservatives were usually too busy building businesses and working to support their families to attend massive exhibits of civil unrest. In all that time - and with a great many events held by liberals - I do not recall Republican politicians claiming that these people were puppets of a "Democrat machine", but I do recall the indignation liberals displayed when they were called idiots for marching or unpatriotic for burning the American flag.

Perhaps the conservatives were perceived as weak by the left for their failure to engage. My, how things have changed. Now that conservatives have begun to vent their rage at the slow destruction of America, liberals and democrat politicians and their sycophants are apoplectic over our gumption, our gall, our absolute insolence. They simply cannot fathom the depth of our horror over what this administration is doing and, incredibly try to tell us that what we are seeing is not really happening.

It began with the "Tea Parties", groups of people who were fed up with the spending orgy by a federal government and party who claimed to be aghast at the deficits of the George W. Bush administration. They were labelled as right wing kooks and derided in juvenile diatribes by sophomoric cable pundits. Worse, some major "news outlets" even joined the chorus in jeering the "tea baggers".

Now, however, with the spate of eruptions at town hall meetings across the country, the stakes have been raised. It's bad enough that liberal elites and the State Run Media cannot comprehend the spontaneity made possible by modern technology, they have no choice but to believe that the Republican party is actually busing people to attend town halls on health care. What they forget is that we are new to this game - veritable rookies - and we have not yet graduated to the concept of busing people to events, much less to the polls. Hey, Robert Gibbs, our "astroturf" actually has some dandelions sprouting out of it.

Here's where we start to get into the danger zone, though. The White House is actually asking people to report "fishy emails" to its website. One can only surmise that they are not content with subterfuge, smoke and mirrors in their efforts to bamboozle the American people, they now want us to start "turning one another in", so to speak.

For anyone on the left who cried wolf during the W years over privacy issues and personal liberties, this must be an awfully tumultuous time, provided that anyone on the left has an ounce of intellectual honesty. In the meantime, as conservatives continue to spread their new found "protester wings", there is one area that liberals can still claim as their own.

No matter how badly Obama and his cohorts screw up this country, the one thing you will never see at a Tea Party is an American flag on fire.

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